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ELECTION: Lonergan clearly best choice for assessor

Your front-page article on the five candidates for Pierce County assessor-treasurer (TNT, 7-25) made it even more clear that Mike Lonergan is the right choice.

While two other candidates have worked as department managers in government agencies, only Lonergan has actually served many years as a chief executive (at the Tacoma Rescue Mission and elsewhere in the private sector). One of the candidates has apparently never managed any organization.

I look at it this way: Imagine that the job of assessor-treasurer was not elective, but was being filled through normal hiring practices. It’s an executive position, overseeing 75 employees

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ASSESSOR: Billie O’Brien best qualified for job

Re: “Change charter, hire an expert” (letter, 7-13).

I agree with the writer that the position of Pierce County assessor-treasurer requires a person with technical professional credentials, not a politician who has term-limited out of another position who is running for the position on the basis of very little other than name recognition.

Consequently, I also agree that it might be desirable to amend the County Charter to allow the Pierce County executive to hire qualified individuals to fill this position.

However, unless and until the charter is changed, voters will continue to have the opportunity and responsibility of

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ASSESSOR: Change charter and hire a professional

For the past four years, News Tribune readers have been treated with more ink about the Pierce County assessor-treasurer’s office than exists in “War and Peace.”

The problems stem from the fact that this office requires a person with technical professional credentials, not someone interested in running a political campaign. This office has often been the stopping point for politicians who have term-limited out of another office with no better credentials than name recognition.

The taxpayers deserve a professional who is qualified to carry out the duties of the assessor-treasurer office. The county charter could be amended to allow the

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PIERCE COUNTY: Use some common sense

Re: “Air search spots permit violations” (TNT, 5-4).

One would think that more common sense is needed by Pierce County officials rather than the blanket use of a BigBrother eye-in-the-sky to manage building permit violations.

Such tactics, bordering on invasion of privacy, is more akin to Nazi Germany or communist dictatorships. There is way too much hyperbole from Pierce County officials claiming safety issues (common sense would dictate that property owners accept liability for any injury occurring on their property – even more so if it involves construction without a legal permit).

Most of these structures are simple sheds for

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