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SHOOTING: Obama must show leadership on guns

My wife and I are devastated by the latest mass shooting. President Obama is partly responsible. He’s been more concerned with staying on the right side of the NRA than protecting the lives of our little ones.

Present policies for automatic weapons are insane, and he knows it. You don’t need automatic weapons to shoot deer, aim at targets or defend against intruders. Their only purpose is killing people. They should be banned.

It is not only those who were killed and their loved ones who suffer from these shootings. Children everywhere suffer and are made afraid. They don’t understand.

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GUNS: Nation needs common-sense limits

Re: “Obsessing over ‘assault weapons’ won’t prevent gun crimes” (Patrick O’Callahan column, 7-26).

O’Callahan apparently doesn’t recognize his own capacity to sound “unintentionally ridiculous” while defending semi-automatic weaponry. His own minor inconvenience at the target practice range apparently trumps the common sense of banning weapons that he admits – despite some lame protestations – are designed to be extremely and efficiently deadly to large numbers of humans.

It’s time for responsible gun owners, who one hopes are still the majority, to stand up to the NRA and the politicians who are afraid of them. Ending private ownership of such

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