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ARTS: Where’s the fire as patrons rush to leave?

What has shifted in society that makes it somehow appear acceptable for live theater audiences to rush the doors just as the finale is sung or the last scene goes dark before the curtain call? Not only is this behavior rude to fellow patrons, but the actors can see them bolting!

How utterly insensitive to dismiss the hard work of the past few hours by jumping up and almost running for the doors.

We attended a performance of “Oliver” at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle this past week and were simply stunned at the large number of patrons who

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ARTS: Remembering Tacoma Civic Ballet

October marks the 50th anniversary of the first performance of the Tacoma Civic Ballet.
Never before did all Pierce County dance schools pool their talents to present memorable performances by blending their dancers with world-renowned choreographers.

The imaginative leadership of Marcia Pinto Moe, assisted by former ballet mistress to the Joffery Co., Tacoma’s own Barbara Corsi Baldwin, formed a coalition of dance patrons, fans and dancers to present performances of unparalleled artistic quality. This was, indeed, a golden age of dance, augmented by the unprecedented residency of the Robert Joffrey Company at Pacific Lutheran University.

Leading dance instructors like

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ARTS: School bands add to cultural scene

I am a student of Truman Middle School going into the eighth grade, and am writing in support of the many great bands in Tacoma.

I am in both the honor and the jazz band at Truman and am familiar with the many great bands found throughout Tacoma, such as the band at Wilson High School. I am also familiar with the high quantity of band events throughout the year often open to the public.

As a resident of Tacoma, I would like to see more recognition of these events and the bands and conductors that help to make these

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ARTS: Students making beautiful music here

Richard S. Davis’ column (TNT, 5-29) was a wonderful tribute to Synergia Northwest. I urge our regional paper also to feature similar synergies between youth and music that happen right in our own backyard. I offer two examples.

One is the Tacoma Youth Symphony Association which, for more than 50 years (Seattle’s Synergia is in its fourth year), has provided nurturing, all-inclusive programs for young musicians.

Since its creation in 1963, TYSA has grown to an internationally recognized youth orchestra organization comprised of more than 500 students from all over Western Washington. Their programs reach more than 8,500 schoolchildren

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BUDGET: Arts fuel economies, communities

Clearly, easy budget cuts are history and we are looking at painful cuts to vital services at every level – federal, state and local. But before we dismiss cultural programs like public radio and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) – what The News Tribune agrees are “nice-to-haves” (We agree, 3-3), let’s take a little closer look at two local examples of the ramifications of NEA support.

Small grants from the NEA Folk Arts Program led to the opening of the Commencement Bay Maritime Center in 1995. The once-deserted warehouse is now the highly successful Foss Waterway Seaport and

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