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TACOMA: Let Warhol art blossom on the Dome

What a brilliant entry into Tacoma the Andy Warhol design atop the Tacoma Dome would make! Just looking at the photo (TNT, 12-9) makes me happy.

Ordinarily, I harbor uncomfortably ambivalent feelings about high art, because it so often caters exclusively to the comfortable upper crust, but this piece would cheer the heart of everyone who passes by it. Tacoma deserves its own icon. Let’s make it happen!


CPARK: District wrong to discourage student

I hope that the article (TNT, 6-7) about Sterling Norris not being allowed to use sidewalk chalk in the Clover Park School District was just a misunderstanding.

I recently retired after teaching for 36 years at the elementary level. I not only allowed sidewalk chalk, I had it in my classroom and encouraged its use. We didn’t use it every day but often enough to make it special and fun.

Sidewalk chalk offers opportunities for both large and fine motor skill development and eye-hand coordination. It encourages creativity and group cooperation, and gives a whole different experience working on

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ART: The Nose reveals his ignorance

The Nose column (TNT, 4-26) on the new Tacoma Art Museum wing reveals an ignorance of Western art. It purportedly is a complaint about the architectural design of TAM’s new Western art wing. It reads as thinly veiled, snobbish commentary on “Yee-Haw,” “Yippie-Ki-Yay” art.

I suggest The Nose visit Oklahoma City and the world-class institute that is the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. The primary focus of the museum is fine art. The various mediums of art, beautifully and professionally displayed, are awe-inspiring, educational and entertaining – not a hint of “Yee-Haw” or “Yippie-Ki-Yay.”

An added note: The

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ART: Happy birthday, Tacoma Art Museum

Re: “Ahead of her time” (TNT, 8-19).

Rosemary Ponnekanti’s excellent review of Virna Haffer’s photographic artistry is greatly appreciated. The article might also have mentioned that this is a showcase exhibit celebrating Tacoma Art Museum’s 75th anniversary – a gift to the community and the icing on the museum’s birthday cake, so to speak.

Also, a modestly priced Haffer catalogue published by the co-curators is, in my opinion, the best buy in any museum store all across America.

Ironically, like in 1935 – when TAM was founded and Haffer was in her heyday – the country is again experiencing economic

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ART: If we don’t pay for art, we may lose it

A list of free arts events shows support for the arts but neglects to recognize that artists also must earn a living. Art doesn’t just happen by accident, and many arts venues such as museums charge admission to support their costs, but art galleries do not.

Art walks are intended to create interest in the arts and encourage patrons to purchase and collect art. Referring primarily to two- and three-dimension artworks, not performing arts, as a gallery owner I would like to see mention of what it costs the artists and galleries and museums to display artworks.


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