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TACOMA: Same old ideas, same old failures

Why did Tacoma School Superintendent Art Jarvis (Viewpoint, 3-29) decide to attack teacher Mike Jankanish’s ideas (Viewpoint, 3-23) of finding ways to close the achievement gap through better early education and a “greater emphasis on creating a unified, rigorous curriculum?” I find these ideas commendable.

I believe all children can meet the standards we ask of them but we need to set these standards. It would be nice if the educational establishment believed this also.

My children have attended Tacoma public schools since 1991. The greatest improvement I observed was the results of the WASL. The whole community

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TACOMA: Unseemly public flogging of teacher

Re: “Schools can’t return to some mythical time in education” (Viewpoint, 3-29).

I have occasionally communicated with Tacoma School Superintendent Jarvis as a concerned parent and have always found him to be open-minded and respectful. It troubled me to read his Viewpoint in which he publicly flogged and misinterpreted a senior, highly credentialed teacher at Wilson High School.

One wonders what goes on in private at Tacoma Public Schools; dare one disagree with the popular wisdom du jour?

I recently withdrew my son from a TPS program for Gifted students to place him in WAVA, a public virtual school of

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EDUCATION: Jarvis misses teacher’s point

Re: Tacoma School Superintendent Art Jarvis’ Viewpoint (TNT, 3-29).

Jarvis criticized a March 23 Viewpoint by teacher Mike Jankanish regarding the achievement gap between certain student groups in Tacoma schools. I taught for 33 years and totally agree with Jankanish regarding why some students do well and others do not.

Jankanish’s contention is that students need a core base to proceed and succeed in their educational endeavors. Jarvis parrots what so many “progressive” eduscholars” maintain: Students don’t need facts; those can be found on Google. What’s important is “process,” not basic information, and a teacher has to ascertain students’ needs

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TACOMA: Jarvis needs greater oversight

Re: “Scandal was brewing unseen during 2008 vote” (TNT, 3-6).

Over the past few months, many parents attended public meetings where state and Tacoma school budgets were dissected, cuts recommended and details outlined by Superintendent Art Jarvis, resulting in his urge to close many schools.

Repeatedly he was asked to also detail cuts specifically to his non-teaching staff at Central Administration, and he failed to respond to cutting his bloated administration and deficient money-wasting programs, such as the Regional Small Business Development Program (RSBDP).

Offering to “look at cutting” and coming up with essentially nothing _ while continuing to target

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TACOMA SCHOOLS: Cut spending, administrators’ salaries

Re: “Schools bank federal money for painful times ahead” (TNT, 11-24).

It seems every year that the Tacoma School District has a levy on the state ballot asking us for more money – for school projects, salaries, security guards and other miscellaneous things. Instead of looking to the hard-working citizens of Tacoma, perhaps the school district should look inside its own offices for more money.

Recently I stumbled upon the section of the News Tribunes website where the News Tribune has posted the salaries of EVERY state, city, and school district officials. I was astonished at what I found:

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