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EDUCATION: Who’s really being spineless?

I cannot express how disappointed I was with The News Tribune’s editorial (4-27) calling our state lawmakers spineless for not followed the bidding of Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

But then I remember back four years when that same News Tribune editorial board backed the district over the teachers during our strike, and I remember all the editorials I have read since, and I realized that this newspaper, at least in modern times, has never backed the teachers. It has backed the school district, and I am grateful for the support given for passing levies because that money is imperative

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EDUCATION: Magical thinking behind NCLB

Remember the Hans Christian Anderson story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? In the end, it took a clear-eyed little child to proclaim out loud what everyone already secretly knew: The monarch is naked!

The “tailors” who stitched together the magical promises of No Child Left Behind – by the end of school year 2014, all students would score at the “proficient” level on standardized tests – came to realize that this goal was impossible. (Should all patients throughout the land be healthy by 2026? Should all prisons be empty in 12 years?)

So we got “Race to the Top” to

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SCHOOLS: Data don’t appear to be much help

Re: “School turnaround program failing here” (TNT, 3-30).

Imagine my vexation when one moment I read in The News Tribune that, according to a survey by the University of Washington, schools in this state have not done too well with their federal turnaround money
then turn around and read that a Center for Education Policy report says that most schools across the country have made gains with their turnaround money

On the one hand, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn says he’s going to wait for the “actual data” before judging in Washington. On the other

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