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MILITARY: Reversing PTSD diagnoses is wrong

Re: Army reviewing Madigan team’s reversals of PTSD diagnoses” (TNT, 1-28).

Shame on the Army, and shame on the Pentagon. They send our young men and women to nightmare war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, and when they come home less than whole they are accused of malingering?

These young people give up so much and are dumped out on the street without help like old used rags, in the name of saving money on retirement, health care, costs. This happened after Vietnam, too, but people just didn’t recognize the disease at that time.

The Army needs to make this

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SHOOTING: Article reflects anti-military bias

The News Tribune’s front-page article (1-6) about Mount Rainier National Park Ranger Margaret Anderson’s horrific murder seems to draw a direct connection between her murderer being “an Iraq War veteran” and her shooting. Since that phrase was the only description used about Benjamin C. Barnes, I see no other conclusion that could be drawn.

I found it interesting that on the same day, The Nose pointed out that MSNBC had backtracked from earlier statements implying that Barnes’ posting at Joint Base Lewis-McChord somehow contributed to the murder after discovering he “had big time trouble before he joined the Army.”

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ARMY: Burden of proof is on prosecution

Re: “Did Army employee spy on protesters on his own time?” (editorial, 2-1).

If the Pierce or Thurston County prosecutors believe this Army employee committed a crime, under the Posse Comitatus Act or otherwise, then let them go forward with the charges.

However, some of The News Tribune editorial board’s remarks are disturbing, particularly in regard to the Army’s claim that Towery was acting on his own time: “We hope they have proof to back that up in a court of law” and “the Army bears the burden of proof that this didn’t happen in our back yard.”



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GAYS IN MILITARY: In Vietnam era, Army made it work

There have been several responses lately to the challenge from one letter writer for the Marines to “man up” and drop their resistance to the don’t ask, don’t tell repeal. These responses challenge the right of anyone not a Marine now or then to state their views.

I don’t qualify either. I was merely an Army draftee, serving during the Vietnam era. But the Army then didn’t seem to have a problem with homosexuality.

I was morning report clerk for a headquarters infantry company in Germany in 1970-71. I typed up Article 32 charges for sodomy, pressed by German nationals

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MILITARY: Troops need next-gen technology

Re: “Handover of power to Afghans to begin” (TNT, 4-24).

While I support President Obama’s goal of pulling troops out of Afghanistan starting next year, it’s clear that small-scale irregular warfare is here to stay. As long as their tactics are effective, terrorists will continue to threaten the U.S. from all over the globe, and we must be prepared to fight them in small-scale, slow-burn conflicts whenever necessary.

Our military is responding to this new security environment with new strategies that prize intelligence and local security over superior firepower and directly engaging the enemy. However, our troop’s Cold War-era equipment

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