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MILITARY: Let the Arabs protect themselves

Why is it always America’s responsibility to put young Americans in harm’s way time and time again when the 911 call comes in from the Middle East? We’ve already spent hundreds of billions of dollars of out nation’s treasury, with most of that money borrowed.

Over the years we’ve done our duty there, and many of our sons and daughters have given their lives to support our interests there. However, it’s time for our nation to heal and reflect on our loses and gains and fully mend our economy. It’s time for countries in the Middle East to defend their

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WIKILEAKS: New light shed on Arab position

If nothing else, the Wiki leaks shed very welcome global light on the workings and real attitude of the Saudi government.

It’s time the public had a better understanding of the self-serving House of Saud. Not wanting to openly criticize a neighboring Muslim country ( Iranians are not Arabs ), they’d prefer to have the United States do their dirty work.

This obscenely wealthy family is focused on nothing but self-perpetuation. It is why they allow cruel, oppressive Wahabism to flourish in exchange for the clerics not contesting the government.

Saudi Arabia is one of the main players in the

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