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HEALTH CARE: Plan poses threat to kids

State senators released a two-year budget proposal that would do great damage to kids’ health. They would deny health care to thousands of children and put it beyond the reach of tens of thousands more.

Apple Health for Kids is our state’s affordable, comprehensive health coverage plan for our children. Thanks to it, four in 10 Washington kids get the care they need, when they need it.

Sick kids can’t learn in school, and when every child has access to health care, all children benefit. I am proud to live in a state that aspires to cover all kids, because

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BUDGET: Apple Health is vital for children

Due to drastic state cuts, the Department of Social and Health Services has decided to end subsidized health insurance coverage for 27,000 children from Apple Health for Kids. Yes, times are tough for Washington families, but Apple Health for Kids has been doing what it is meant to do: protecting our children in difficult economic times.

Washington state has been a leader in the effort to provide all children with health care. Our legislators have shown great leadership in fighting to make sure families would have an insurance option for their children when they really needed it. We must not

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