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POLITICS: Baseball sets example for politicians

Professional baseball is far more honorable and ethical than professional politicians. Baseball has banned betting on games and the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing substances – and is enforcing the banned behaviors by heavy punishments, including career-ending expulsions (examples: Pete Rose and Alex Rodriguez – both the best in their eras).

There will be no more players betting on games or player use of banned substances. Baseball will be more honorable role models for our youth and remain our premier pastime. Hooray for baseball!

Professional politicians have only vapid rules or bans on illegal or immoral behaviors – and

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WEINER: Congress’ hypocrisy is showing

Not for a moment do I condone the actions of Anthony Weiner. However, I wish that the “sins” of Congress were only as bad as Weiner’s.

Weiner’s sins were distasteful, but those of Congress hurt, damage and/or destroy real people. The only issue of import for virtually every member of Congress is to get re-elected as many times as they can find money to buy.



ETHICS: Where is integrity in government?

I wish I worked for the government as an elected official. That way I would not be subject to the laws that they pass. Just consider what we have seen lately.

If I, as an employer, had sent X-rated pictures to a female employee or any female I would be fired and sued. Rep. Anthony Weiner does it and nothing happens.

If I fail to pay taxes, I could go to jail. Tim Geithner doesn’t and becomes secretary of the treasury. Charles Rangel does it and is still a congressman.

If I failed to pay personal property taxes of $300,000

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WEINER: Sex scandals embarrass us all

I am so tired of hearing about elected public servants who can’t keep their pants on. How can we teach our children that our government leaders should be respected, admired and perhaps considered role models when we elect jerks like Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton? These men are an embarrassment for all Americans. After all, we picked ‘em.

Warning to my candidates: If any politician I vote for gets caught up in a sex scandal, I will be the first one in line to picket your office, force your resignation and perhaps start a class action

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WEINER: Sex scandal doesn’t merit front page

Re: “Lawmaker admits he sent lewd photo” (TNT, 6-7).

Why is the front page graced with yet another story about a politician involved in an absurd sex scandal?

I have some news for you. Stories about our congresspersons who have trouble keeping it zipped are not news. With all the challenges we face as a society, this is not of the slightest importance.

Consensual adult behavior is mainly an issue between the foolish Congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife – and perhaps to his constituents, who are in New York, not Tacoma. The rest of us should care only about

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WEINER: Minor scandal vs. true crime

How many innocent civilians did Anthony Weiner kill? Isn’t it convenient when minor sex scandals distract us from real moral catastrophes?

I really don’t care if alpha males like Bill Clinton (D), David Vitter (R), Eliot Spitzer (D), Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) and Weiner (D) dally with mistresses or have online flirtations. We’re not their poor wives, and we suffer no crime at their hands. Sexual escapades in American government go back to the 1700s. Long ago, Europeans realized the futility of being shocked, shocked, at high testosterone levels in tribal chieftains.

But George Bush and Dick Cheney lied our nation

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PALIN: Robinson should criticize Weiner, not Palin

Re: “The revisionist ride of Paul Revere” (Eugene Robinson column, 6-7).

Robinson is enraged over a comment Sarah Palin made referring to Paul Revere’s ride many years ago. After she explained her comment further when asked about it, Robinson still goes on and on and uses his whole column to attack Palin, saying she is a fraud, she is ridiculous, she is dangerous, she knows nothing, she is mad and on and on.

I guess Robinson has overlooked or forgotten the many misstatements of fact President Obama has made, like not knowing how many states were in the Union.


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