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DOGS: Electronic collar not as useful as a leash

Re: “Puyallup man petitions city for update of dog-leash code” (TNT, 5-7).

I have trained hunting dogs for 50 years. Speaking from experience: Electronic collars don’t replace a leash.

When your dog confronts another animal or person, and you shock your dog, it thinks the other animal is responsible and the fight is on. When your dog runs to greet someone and you shock the pet, you had better hope it is not having a bad day.

Using a leash is the only way to control your pet.


DOGS: Unsecured animals lead to Dexter’s demise

Re: “‘Dangerous’ animal rule too harsh?” (TNT. 5-29).

Sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for the lady in Bonney Lake who has to bail her criminal canine out of the pound. If Meesha killed a neighbor’s chicken on that neighbor’s property, they why shouldn’t she be held responsible? Not providing adequate enclosure for her dog, after being given a second chance, is serious business.

Our 14-year-old Cayuga duck was recently torn asunder by a neighbor’s two dogs. Dexter was a fixture on our two-acre farmette in Midland, our first baby animal after we’d built a high non-climbing fence, topped with

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