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ANIMAL ABUSE: Jail sentence is inadequate

Re: ”Man gets 90 days for fatally kicking Mom’s dog” (TNT, 2-21).

I’m outraged that this guy killed a dog and will only do 60 to 90 days in jail. And for the mother to say her son didn’t intend on hurting the dog?

The moment he kicked that poor 17-year-old dog he intended on hurting this animal. For her to make excuses for his behavior is horrible.

The law on animal abusers isn’t stiff enough. He got away with killing a beloved family pet of 17 years.


GIG HARBOR: Animal cruelty penalty too severe

Re: “Judge: No more dogs for you” (TNT, 11-7).

It’s an amazing thing to see a human court with power over a man’s life, weigh his life in the same balance as that of a dog. Where would this man be if his Gig Harbor neighbors had not converged to vouch for his character? And where is he now? Hanged on the horns of a paper trail that will follow him for life. Worse, he’s been pilloried by name in a manner he can never outlive.

Not to be dismissive about animal cruelty, which hurts us all, but it

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ELECTION: Angel’s claims contradicted by performance

Voters may find 26th District state Rep. Jan Angel charming, but they should pay more attention to her performance as a legislator. She claims to be an advocate for families, education and women, but her voting record tells a different story. She has a history of putting the interests of her corporate handlers ahead of her constituents.

She claims she does not pass prepackaged ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) bills off as her own, but that is exactly how she got to be ALEC co-chair for the state of Washington.

ALEC owes its success at placing corporate special interest bills

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