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COUNTY: Bad decision on Anderson Island ferry

I’m trying to understand how bureaucrats can make decisions they believe to be logical, but to the rest of us make no sense at all.

Why would you drydock a ferry boat at the most crucial, busiest weekend of the year? Even with two ferries in service it can be quite a wait getting to Anderson Island on the Fourth of July weekend. This year the annual salmon bake, a major community event on the island, coincides with very heavy midday Saturday holiday traffic to and from Anderson Island.

I can’t wait to see the traffic back-ups. If the ferry

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FERRY: Investment is a public service

Re: “Pierce to assess costs, benefits of island ferry” (TNT, 1-18).

The ferry is a public service. Thousands of nonresidents and vacation home owners use it every year.

Like it does with any county road, Pierce County invests in the ferry to provide people access to jobs, housing, medical care and education; to connect businesses to customers, to give county residents access to Anderson Island’s public parks, museum, farms and shoreline; and to encourage tourism (bringing out-of-county dollars into local businesses and county coffers).

Like the schools and libraries we all help pay for, our roads benefit all – even

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COUNTY: All share in cost of transportation

Re: “Life is about choices, island dwellers” (letter, 1-21).

The writer seems to imply that Anderson Island residents should be paying more (or all) of the costs to operate the Pierce County ferry.

The sharing of tax dollars is basic to our country’s transportation system. Consider that the federal government shares tax dollars with the state in the construction of highways. Without that sharing arrangement, all of us - regardless of where we live - would be driving on totally inadequate interstate highways.

Should tolls be put on all highways so that road users might participate in the construction and maintenance of those highways, even

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FERRY: Life is about choices, island dwellers

Re: “Pierce to assess costs, benefits of island ferry” (TNT, 1-18).

It seems that the residents of Anderson Island do not feel it is fair to pay more for ferry service to and from their island. I think what is not fair is having 381,970 Pierce County residents subsidizing the transit service for 1,037 year-round residents of the island.

Life is about choices. If you choose to live on an island, then you should be responsible for paying for that privilege, including transportation cost.

I choose to live an hour from my place of employment and drive a car

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FERRIES: Inadequate schedule limits fare revenue

Highway repairs are scheduled on weekends; those roads open again by 5:30 a.m. the following Monday. Why? So that commuters can get to jobs. What public road anywhere in the state closes at 7:30 p.m. on weeknights and doesn’t re-open until 6:30 a.m.?

One such road is the ferry to Anderson Island. Instead of investing in longer hours, the county wastes money on midday runs that are little used and keeps a spare boat at great expense. Pierce County spends more than $4 million per year on ferry operations and maintenance – twice as much as Skagit and Whatcom counties

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ELECTION: Ann Dasch is a unique candidate

In a world of career-driven professional politicians, it is refreshing to find a candidate for office who really believes in that old-fashioned value of public service. Ann Dasch is such a person.

I have known Dasch for many years, and she has consistently been a positive influence on our community. Unlike the slickly produced corporate candidates we so often encounter, she knows how to listen to her neighbors. She is the type of intelligent and caring individual who believes in democracy.

Voters in District 6 would be wise to elect Dasch to the Pierce County Council.


PIERCE COUNTY: Child ferry fare is too high

Ten years ago, youth and senior passengers paid $1.50 to ride the Pierce County ferry, half the adult fare. Today, seniors pay $2.40, but kids pay $3.40. A comparable round-trip bus fare on Pierce Transit today costs both children and seniors only $1.50.

Since 2001, the Pierce County Council has raised youth ferry fares by 127 percent while the car/driver fare rose only 52 percent. The county shifted the burden off cars and drivers and onto families and the Steilacoom Historical School District, which buys about 7,000 student trips per year.

The $3.40 child fare is too much for many

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