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BIN LADEN: Consider Amish response to tragedy

Re: “A death is no cause for celebration” (letter, 5-3).

When I heard the reports of Osama bin Laden’s death Sunday, I felt the same as the letter writer.

In 2006, in Lancaster County, Pa., a gunman burst into a schoolroom and killed five Amish girls before taking his own life. The response of the Amish community to this tragedy fascinated the whole world.

First, a delegation of elders visited the widow of the murderer, to offer forgiveness. Next, the families of the slain girls invited the widow to their own children’s funeral. Next, they requested that all the relief

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ISLAMISM: Amish are not like Muslims

Re: “The ‘Islamish” invasion has already started” (TNT, 11-26).

There are few similarities between the Amish and Muslims. The Amish do not kill those who convert from being Amish. They do not disfigure their women or keep their women from getting an education. They do not blow up innocent people. The Amish are not trying to kill us!.

The most dedicated Amish make good neighbors. The most dedicated Muslims are to be feared.