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AMBER ALERT: Timing off on recent alert

An Amber Alert was issued during the morning on Monday concerning a kidnapped child. The alert hit my cell phone almost two hours after the alert had been issued.

The offending party was captured and child was recovered about noon on the same date. However, the system continued to issue numerous additional alerts, the latest of which was received at 2:06 p.m.

Whoever is running the Amber Alert system needs to get their act together and coordinate the blanket alerts sent to cell phones with the actual issuance of the alerts. There is no excuse for this level of

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AMBER ALERT: Don’t opt out of these messages

Re: “State aims to fine-tune Amber Alerts” (TNT, 4-30).

I was one of the many to receive the emergency Amber Alert message early Sunday morning about a child missing. As inconvenient it was to wake up to a beeping from my phone that I have not heard before, it was for a good cause.

I think it is ridiculous people are getting upset about this. A child was in danger and needing help from the community. If it were their child, they would want that mass text going out no matter what time of the night to help bring

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AMBER ALERT: Why the 4:30 a.m. phone call?

Would someone from the Amber Alert system explain to me why it was necessary to ring my telephone at 4:30 a.m.? I realize that a young lady was missing and had to be found, but what did they expect me to do? At 72 years old, I don’t feel safe wandering the dark streets looking for a lost soul. The next thing you’d hear is an alert looking for this old guy.

Everybody knows that when the phone rings in the middle of the night, it’s got to be bad news. My wife and I both thought that something had

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TPD: Responsibility without consequence?

As reported by The News Tribune (4-22), the leadership of the Tacoma Police Department seems to have failed its citizens.

They failed to quickly tell the truth concerning an inexcusable delay in issuing an Amber Alert in the July 4, 2007 disappearance of Zina Linnik. They are failing to be accountable for both the actual delay and for what many could consider outright lies.

Public officials have no right to withhold information and to self-mitigate a catastrophe. They must quickly and fully tell the truth all the time. Citizens pay these people.

The TNT reported Police Chief Don Ramsdell as

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