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HOLIDAYS: Late shoppers must share the blame

Re: “Santa’s sleigh delayed” (thenewstribune.com, 12-26).

I am disturbed by the attitude that people who ordered items over the weekend, just a few days prior to Christmas, are angry that packages were not delivered in time.

We must take some of the blame. Peak season starts in November. Christmas is Dec. 25 every year!

My son works for United Parcel Service. I have seen him go to work at 11 p.m., not returning home until after a 23-hour day sorting more packages than a truck could possibly handle. And people yelled at drivers for delivering after 9 p.m. When

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PRIVACY: Thanks, Amazon, for ruining Christmas surprise

Thanks to the Google/Amazon/cookie universe, my wife and kids can see what I’ve been shopping for at all kinds of vendors (Campmor, REI, etc.) every time they start the PC. That’s because the ad banners display what they think we “may” be shopping for based on what we bought or browsed for recently.

This is beyond creepy, and I want it to stop now. Who knows what else may be getting tracked? We need to know!


MARRIAGE: Media shouldn’t be taking sides

Re: “Chick-fil-A controversy odious – and so too is some of the reaction” (TNT, 8-1).

I was and remain bothered by Lane Filler’s commentary about Chick-fil-A’s financial support of a particular social agenda. Apparently that was just the one of the fronts taken by a member of the news media. Now Chick-fil-A protesters are receiving additional media attention in a variety of formats.

What about corporations that have supported the other side of this issue? It seems to be OK with the news media that Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, Nike and others have financially supported a social agenda from one

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