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SHOOTING: TNT wrong to criticize TPD

I was very disheartened with the editorial regarding TPD’s silence in the Allen Myron shooting/suicide (TNT, 5-19).

Contrary to popular belief, we are NOT entitled to know every last detail or entitled to have minute-by-minute updates on every police investigation. If the Pierce County Sheriffs Department chose to disclose information during the Brame shooting investigation, that was at its discretion. If Tacoma police choose to wait to release information on the Myron shootings, respect their decision and the privacy of the family.

This editorial appeared to be a direct slam at TPD because The News Tribute could not get information

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SHOOTING: Reporters demand far too much

Re: “Police silent on shootings” (TNT, 5-19).

Blood suckers, please get back to reporting basics:

WHO: we know that
WHAT: we know that
WHERE: we know that
WHY: there was a big fight with the in-laws
WHEN: we know that

Why eviscerate what’s left of an entire family to satisfy your ever-expanding blood lust? I truly hope that someday you so-called reporters experience the thrill of having your lives unraveled by the press. It’s disgusting and unnecessary.

Like small children that know no better, you keep asking, “Why Mommy” until the subject snaps and you can

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DEPUTY: TNT not providing answers

“Searching for answers” is the headline of an article (5-17) about Deputy Allen Myron; but, instead of consulting psychiatrists or others with at least a master’s in social work, criminology or mental health, the article quotes from a sermon.

Massive coverage of a such a sermon or of motorcades when a cop(s) is killed does an injustice to your readers. We need information and ideas. A sermon urging parishioners not to talk to the media or to consult the book of Job is not worthy of front page coverage.

Please get a new front page editor. There are seminaries

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