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ELECTION: Vote out corporate special interests

Your recent article regarding our upcoming election (TNT, 9-19) caught my eye. Many issues need attention, the state of our economy in particular.

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the tax code gives corporations special tax breaks that have reduced what is supposed to be a 35 percent tax rate to an actual tax of 13 percent. Corporate profits grew over 18 percent in 2013 alone, while wages dropped.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is involved with advancing corporate special interests, being funded about 98 percent by corporations and corporate foundations, particularly the Koch Industries heirs,

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ELECTION: Is TNT only concerned about JZ Knight donations?

Re: “Bigotry? Thurston Dems give Ramtha a pass” (editorial, 5-15).

Your editorial suggests you want to ensure that political contributions are of the highest order.

Why has a story from 2012 resurfaced? Because the Freedom Foundation worries about donations from JZ Knight to local Democrats in 2014. In 2013, Knight supported Democrat Mary Hall. Hall defeated a Republican candidate backed by the Freedom Foundation to become the first Democratic auditor in Thurston County in 71 years.

Your editorial failed to mention that the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment videos were edited. Two people who illegally disseminated the videos admitted to editing

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ELECTION: Jan Angel serves big-money interests, not ours

As long as state Rep. Jan Angel is beholden to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), then her claim that she represents each and every one of her constituents must be seriously questioned. As the Washington co-chair of ALEC as well as part of ALEC’s Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force, it’s clear that Angel isn’t working tirelessly for the people but instead is beholden to big-money interests.

Those interests include her co-sponsorship of House Bill 1361, which eliminates 103 state-mandated health benefits from insurance company’s responsibility under the guise that some “may possibly conflict or overlap” with those

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ELECTION: Get informed about ALEC and Jan Angel

The News Tribune should provide a community service to its readers by educating them about the American Legislative Exchange Council and state Rep. Jan Angel’s involvement in it. If anyone wonders why a state senator’s race is drawing so much out-of-state money, look no further than ALEC.

However, most Americans are not even aware of its existence. Many businesses and corporations provide so-called model bills for politicians to introduce in state legislatures. These bills are meant to benefit the businesses and corporations, and Angel is the state co-chair. As far as I know, she has not had to answer for

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ELECTION: Best choice for 26th District is Schlicher

I must speak out regarding the upcoming election between state Sen. Nathan Schlicher and his opponent, state Rep. Jan Angel. I wholeheartedly and without reservation support Schlicher, who stands up for women, workers and Washington families.

He is an intelligent person with the much-needed energy to represent the people of the 26th District. He knows firsthand the workings of our heath care system and the needs of citizens because he is an ER doctor.

Schlicher graduated from Pacific Lutheran University at age 17 and from the University of Washington at age 19 with a law degree. He then attained his

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POLITICS: Koch brothers behind tea party shutdown

It’s well documented that the Koch brothers funded the national tea party rallies. They’re now behind the tea party’s government shutdown.

The Kochs have long promoted their own brand of libertarianism, which purports to be about freedom from government interference. But their plan is to wreck our government so they can take it over.

The strategy of the billionaire’s club is to divide and conquer. High-paid operatives have perfected the old game of feeding grass-roots bias to splinter the opposition and pit citizen against citizen. Neighbor blames neighbor instead of recognizing the real enemies of democracy.

Professional propagandists have honed

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ELECTION: No Angel for the 26th District

Re: “Senate race fueled by funds from afar” (TNT, 9-16).

When elections come around, I try to be open-minded in reviewing and vetting the candidates. After reading the article, I need not wonder any further about which candidate I will be choosing in the 26th District state Senate race.

After finding out that Jan Angel’s election is being funded in part by the same idiotic Republican senators in D.C. who are currently trying to derail what little prosperity we have gained in the last four years with their petty, schoolyard thuggery tactics, my mind was made up.

On top

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ELECTION: Angel’s claims contradicted by performance

Voters may find 26th District state Rep. Jan Angel charming, but they should pay more attention to her performance as a legislator. She claims to be an advocate for families, education and women, but her voting record tells a different story. She has a history of putting the interests of her corporate handlers ahead of her constituents.

She claims she does not pass prepackaged ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) bills off as her own, but that is exactly how she got to be ALEC co-chair for the state of Washington.

ALEC owes its success at placing corporate special interest bills

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