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VIADUCT: State employees withhold records

On the eve of an election in Seattle related to the deep-bore tunnel, state Department of Transportation (WSDOT) employees are once again withholding records. It happened before; it should be no surprise that it is happening again because the watchdog agency that should stop this behavior, the Executive Ethics Board (EEB), has signaled it will do nothing.

The last time WSDOT employees withheld records on the eve of a Seattle election, it took a superior court order to make the EEB conduct an investigation. The multibillion-dollar, deep-bore tunnel was a central issue then, too.

The ink was barely dry on

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VIADUCT: Wouldn’t tunnel be dangerous, too?

I must be missing something. The effect of an earthquake on the Alaskan Way Viaduct is understood. But I have not noticed any discussion of the effect of an earthquake on the proposed tunnel that would replace the viaduct.

Being in the tunnel during an earthquake sounds pretty bad to me.


VIADUCT: Tunnel’s the wrong idea in the wrong place

Re: “Don’t let tunnel critics drive up costs with delays” (editorial, 3-31).

Why shouldn’t the people of Seattle vote on the state Route 99 tunnel? In opinion polls, only 35 percent of the people approved of the tunnel option. That means 65 percent of the people didn’t. I can understand why.

Look at where they are building it. That whole waterfront area is nothing but landfill. There is a sign across Alaskan Way from the viaduct commemorating an island that became part of the city’s waterfront after enough garbage was dumped into the area to fill the span between the

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