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PROTESTS: More nonsense from Eugene Robinson

Re: “Wrongful finger-pointing in two cops’ murders” (Eugene Robinson column, 12-23).

I’ve had about all I can stand from Robinson’s tirades. In his latest epistle, he claims there is no connection between the execution-murder of two New York police officers by a deranged person from Baltimore and the recent months-long protests and speechifying by such individuals as Al Sharpton.

Well, if one would just look at page A6 of the same day’s edition, the article headlined ”New York officials tie killing to protests,” you will read other opinions.

A direct quote from Police Commissioner William Bratton (who was appointed by cop-critic

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RACE: Some courageous, others are shameful

John F. Kennedy inspired America by citing people who had displayed great courage, and fortunately some still do.

Nothing takes more courage than speaking out against something that most of the people in your racial or ethnic group may advocate, and nothing is more shameful than trying to use those same people to advance a political agenda by screaming “racism” or “bigotry” in an attempt to silence others who may have an opposing point of view.

On the courageous side of the ledger list Don Lemon of CNN News, Juan Williams of Fox News and Bill Cosby. Knowing that they

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VERDICT: Who should do the soul searching?

President Obama recently compared himself to Trayvon Martin. The only thing they had in common was the frequent use of marijuana at an early age; commonalities diverge from there.

Any “soul searching,” as the president suggests, needs be extended to the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jackson who continuously play the race cards to foment racial tensions. Seldom do court verdicts please all parties and to agonizing ad infinitum achieves little.


VERDICT: Ignore the charlatans and encourage civil nonviolence

Thomas Sowell, a wise black social scientist, once said that he was old enough to remember when most racists were white. Now, respected polls reveal that most blacks believe that most blacks are racist.

The great black leaders who fought against the curse of racism, Dr. Martin Luther  King Jr. and the civil rights leaders of the 1960s, exuded civility, tolerance and nonviolence. Thousands of whites died in our Civil War to end slavery. Yet in this prolonged struggle to end discrimination there were always charlatans, such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who claimed victimhood and sought revenge for

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ZIMMERMAN: Jackson and Sharpton love the race card game

Let’s be honest: If Trayvon Martin had been white we would have never heard of him because the police in Sanford, Fla., had investigated the shooting and had made the now obvious decision that George Zimmerman had simply acted in self-defense to protect his life.

However, because some like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson saw the situation as an opportunity to put themselves in the spotlight by screaming “racism” and leading marches demanding Zimmerman’s head on a platter, the local authorities were cowed into charging him with murder. As a result, racial tensions have suffered greatly.

Now, at least in

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ZIMMERMAN: Trial reflects mob mentality

A mob mentality is currently operating, and most Americans are embracing it.

The George Zimmerman trial is important because it illustrates how emotion, passion and racial overtones can force the law to prosecute someone the police cleared from the very beginning. This is a dangerous road that America is going down.

Most Americans were not there when this incident happened, yet people are making assumptions and drawing conclusions about a situation based on feelings and opinions – not the rule of law. This shooting was justified not only under Florida law but most state laws as well.

One can argue

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DEEN: Media hypocrisy at its best

Paula Deen may as well turn off her oven because her goose is cooked. Why? Because the news media has charged her with the absolutely unforgivable sin of having used a racial epithet at some time in the distant past and because of that and the color of her skin her financial future and her reputation now lie in ruin.

While we have all probably made comments of some sort that we regret, some people seem to be immune from harsh criticism by the mainstream media.

Jesse Jackson, who made comments about “Hymietown” in reference to the Jewish people in

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BECK: Sharpton comments the height of hypocrisy

Al Sharpton poked fun at the Glenn Beck rally in Washington, D.C., saying some participants were the same ones who used to call civil rights leaders troublemakers (TNT, 8-29). And this is a comment from a man who revels in traveling around the country causing trouble.

Just how does Sharpton know those attending the Beck rally ever called civil rights leaders troublemakers? Is it likely some of those attending Sharpton’s counter rally are the same ones who stood in the polling places wearing paramilitary garb and displaying clubs to intimidate those they disagreed with?

For Sharpton to call anyone a

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