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BIN LADEN: Manner of death doesn’t matter

Re: “SEAL’s book differs from official account” (TNT, 8-30).

After all the Americans Osama bin Laden killed, or had killed, how can the manner of his demise matter to us? Why should he simply have been detained? He waged war on us, and in war people are shot – on purpose.

The controversy escapes me. I suppose it is important only to the media that wish to create news and certain Republicans who wish to denounce the Obama administration for whatever they can find, real or imagined.


YEMEN: U.S. plays role in repression

That the United States supported former Yemenite strongman and fierce dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh for many years is no great secret. Members of Saleh’s family received U.S. military training, and a number of elite Yemen Army units they headed were responsible for instances of savage repression and gross violations of human rights.

Saleh was a “star pupil” in America’s anti-terrorism school, and Washington  was only too glad to underwrite his harsh counter-insurgency methods. All of this was done in the name of fighting al Qaida and other Islamic militant groups.

Saleh is gone, but his influence lingers inside Yemen. America

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AFGHANISTAN: Time to get our troops out

I have long ago come to the conclusion that “nation building” in a backward country like Afghanistan is a fool’s errand.

We did not go into Afghanistan simply to enlarge an empire or to gain access to some strategically important resource. We went in after we were attacked by al-Qaida terrorists on Sept.11, 2001. Al-Qaida had its base of operations in Afghanistan with the blessing and support of the government controlled by the Taliban.

We quickly defeated al-Qaida and the Taliban and established enough control over the country for the Afghan people to elect their own government. Foolishly, we permitted

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TERRORISTS: Article, headline showed bias

I was truly surprised and disappointed at the headline used for the Oct. 1 lead article. Saying that “U.S. drone executes 2 American citizens” is totally disingenuous.

Anwar al-Awlaki was undoubtedly the most dangerous terrorist in the world. Evidence indicates that his actions had led to the murder of many innocent individuals as well as our U.S. troops.

It really doesn’t matter whether al-Awlaki was Arab-born or U.S.-born, or for that matter was an alien from Mars. The world is now a far safer place with him in the ground, and our actions should be applauded, not derided.

Certainly a

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TERRORISTS: Headline conveys misinformation

Re: “U.S. drone executes 2 American citizens” (TNT, 10-1).

Rather than extol the excellent work by U.S. Special Operations in finding and killing two major forces in al-Qaida (Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan), The News Tribune chose a headline which makes it sound like any U.S. citizen is at risk of being killed by a drone.

Al-Awlaki and Khan made a conscious choice to take up arms against America and to encourage others to do the same, both abroad and on American soil. The article said al-Awlaki was a “bigger threat than bin-Laden” and Khan is known for publishing al-Qaida’s

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TERRORISTS: Citizenship gives no immunity

Re: “U.S. drone executes 2 American citizens” (TNT, 10-1).

The headline is disgusting and inexcusable.  How biased can you get?

Yes, they may have been U.S. citizens, but they were terrorists who were dedicated to destroying the United States and killing our citizens. The fact that they were U.S. citizens should in no way guarantee their immunity. They had in effect, declared war on the U.S.

I wouldn’t object to a headline that said: “U.S. drone executes 2 terrorists.” That’s accurate.


TERRORISTS: Headline was insulting

Re: ” U.S. drone executes two American citizens” (TNT, 10-1).

That is the worst headline I have seen in your paper in more than 40 years. You could have said “U.S. drone executes 2 traitors” or “U.S. drone executes 2 al-Qaida terrorists”; either would have been OK.

What you did was imply was that the two men killed were just citizens. You insulted every person killed on 9/11. You insulted every member of the armed forces who has died protecting your right to print such an outrageous statement. The editor and paper owe everyone a front-page apology.