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ELECTION: Next president won’t be a Democrat

Surprise, surprise, surprise! The News Tribune has endorsed Barack Obama for president (editorial, 10-24). I would have been shocked if it didn’t, since it has endorsed a Democrat for president for at least the last 20 years (Bill Clinton (twice), Al Gore, John Kerry, Obama, and Obama again).

The News Tribune endorses Obama because it says we are better off today than four years ago. I beg to differ. More Americans are out of work today than there were four years ago. Our national debt is much higher than four years ago. Our take-home pay is lower than four

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CLIMATE: Better to be a denier than a sheep

Re: “Scientist hurt the climate cause” (TNT, 2-26).

The Washington Post’s Stephen Stromberg made several incendiary comments about those who question whether or not global warming is manmade. His comments, though offensive, paled in comparison to The News Tribune’s decision to reprint and prominently display the rantings of still another hypocritical liberal who wants to “decarbonize” the world – as long as he doesn’t have to give up his car, his laptop and everything else he owns.

Ironically, in his book, “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore provides deniers like myself ample reason to question whether the global warming debate

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CLIMATE: Wake up and smell the snowflakes

Though a British court found Al Gore’s scare-film had more factual holes than Swiss cheese, the most “Inconvenient Truth” is Mother Nature’s. While we rejoice over snowshoers rescued on Snoqualmie Pass, the snow quietly falls across the nation to testify against global warming quackery. Florida manatees flock to power-plant warm water to survive.

Abandoning the 1970s’ global cooling craze, activists joined Gore’s bandwagon. Shouldn’t we be more wary of politicians who invest in stocks, then write law forcing us to by their product?

Cap-and-trade legislation failed in the Senate, but global warming advocates at the Environmental Protection Agency implement it

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