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AIRLINES: No wonder passengers are uncivil

We took a Delta flight last week to Denver. As the airplane was boarding passengers, it became apparent that not all of the passengers would be able to store their carry-on luggage.

Usually they just check their bags at the gate when this happens. Instead, the pilot informed the passengers they would not be able to check any bags at the gate and it was up to the passengers to accommodate the overflow of bags from others in the cabin.

No wonder passengers are losing civility towards others. We are being shoehorned into limited space and even asked to accommodate

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AIRCRAFT: Greener skies for Seattle, noisier for us

The Federal Aviation Administration is proposing a plan to shift aircraft approaches to Sea-Tac airport. The main reason for this change is: fewer flights over North Seattle homes and lower emissions.

That’s nice, but the revised plans call for flights arriving from the southwest, rather than dog-legging over Olympia, to be replaced by more direct routings over Joint Base Lewis-McChord and the neighborhoods north of state Route 16.

At least the cacophonous noise of those 100 to 150 daily overflights should add joy to the residents who for the past 12 years have been subjected to extreme noise levels of

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HOLIDAYS: Travelers enjoy a safer trip

For air traffic controllers like me, this is the busy season. Luckily, the year so far has been a good one for air flight. In fact, the last few years have shown real progress in the skies.

As you and your families fly on vacation, here are three reasons to feel better about air travel this year:

• More controllers are on the job: The number of fully certified air traffic controllers increased by 3.9 percent this year.

• Runways are safer than ever: The number of serious runway incidents is down 72 percent since 2008. Last year, there were

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