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LAKEWOOD: Cigarettes aren’t the real problem

As several recent letter writers have advocated for the Lakewood ban on smoking cigarettes in public parks, I offer something else to put in their pipes to smoke.

Every time I go to Fort Steilacoom Park, the air is so thick with car exhaust and wood smoke, I often think of cautioning joggers about running in such polluted air. They should be wearing gas masks. The respiratory problems caused by carbon dioxide and wood smoke particulates make the pollution caused by a few cigarettes almost negligible.

The park is bordered on one side by Pierce College, whose parking lots are

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COUNTY: Mitigate obnoxious odor from roads facility

I live in “Spana-Graham” near the Pierce County road works maintenance facility. When I went out to get the paper this morning, I was greeted with the nose-numbing, sneeze-producing stench of the tar (or whatever it is) from that facility that was so thick in the air that you could actually taste it.

People who live in that area are subjected to this stink for most of the spring/summer; even if we have a nice sunny day, you still can’t be outside without having to gag on the stench in the air.

Even with the downpour of rain this morning,

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AIR QUALITY: Coal trains will just add to problem

The news of mainland China spewing atmospheric pollutants at a unprecedented volume presumably from its more than 2,500 coal-powered power plants, didn’t come as much of a surprise after reading the Jan. 15 article, “Persistent smog angers residents, state media.”

The Washington Post article reports an air quality level in Beijing, China, of 755. U..S experts consider anything above 150 unhealthy.

Meanwhile the battle rages in Whatcom County over the construction of the $500 million Cherry Point Terminal, where opponents claim that as many as 18 to 20 trains a day of up to a mile-and-a-half long will be

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TACOMA: Public safety vs. burn ban enforcement

Re: “Tighter enforcement of burn bans possible” (TNT, 12-10).

Personally, I agree with much of this article, and I do use a pellet stove. However, what I find interesting is that a few days ago the city of Tacoma announced it will have to lay off a large number of police and firemen because of the budget. Now the city/county wants to hire 63 more people to enforce a burn ban!

While enforcing a burn ban is important, I think having proper staffing of police officers and firefighters should be a higher priority than checking someone’s fireplace or pellet stove.

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WOOD-BURNING: is it about pollution or control?

Re: “South Sound faces a reckoning over wood-burning” (editorial, 5-8).

I see a definite parallel between in-person voting and wood stoves. We were able to vote in person until the government decided otherwise. I believe this will happen with any means of heating your home off the grid.

Boulder, Colo., was one of the pilot cities for the SmartGrid technology project (The Wall Street Journal,  2-9-2009). The local utility, Xcel Energy Inc., used the Internet to remotely control consumers’ appliances.
In a news release dated 4-26-11, the OpenADR Alliance boasted 32 members industry-wide working together to implement a SmartGrid

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