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OBAMA: A litany of missed opportunities

One can argue with the polls, including the most recent pegging Barack Obama as the worst president since World War II. However, it is clear that even in his base there is dissatisfaction with his presidency.

For me the dissatisfaction comes down to the disappointment of historic opportunities lost in three areas.

• No other president has come into office with the prestige and opportunity that goes with winning a Nobel Prize. Obama could have used that and put his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, in charge of major diplomatic missions to bring peace to the war-torn parts of the

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POVERTY: We can improve life for African children

Working with as many underprivileged, under-resourced yet seemingly healthy kids as I do as an after-school program learning leader in Tacoma, I am reminded every day how grateful I am to be living in a country where all kids are able to access vaccinations, education, clean water, food and, more importantly, electricity.

Hearing screams coming from students in the after-school program when the lights are accidentally turned off makes my skin cringe. Almost immediately flashes of children in Africa attempting to learn in dark classrooms and the challenges they face because they don’t have electricity at home start happening in

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OBAMA: Questions about trip to Africa

We want to thank The News Tribune for keeping us updated on the extended sub-Saharan African trip President Obama is taking (TNT 6-17). It is reassuring that his 24-hour safety will be maintained by the U.S. government for a mere “tens of millions of dollars.”

Is this extraordinary security because of terrorist groups or to keep taxpayer knowledge at bay? The big question, however, is why would a father willingly take his family into the jaws of danger? Maybe this is another one of the first family’s vacations on the taxpayers’ dime.

All the furloughed federal employees are most

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