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SUPER BOWL: Ads pollute family tradition

I watched the Super Bowl with my 8-year-old grandson. He played football this past fall and is an avid fan. He described the different plays to us and called out penalties that he observed. I enjoyed watching him enjoying the Super Bowl.

That changed when the Super Bowl ads started airing. Super Bowl advertisers in the past have produced some memorable ads that appealed to a wide variety of audience. Most of us remember the Mean Joe Green Coke ad. I was appalled seeing my grandson exposed to suggestive advertising, no, make that borderline pornographic

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BILLBOARDS: There is value in beauty

The real problem with billboards is that they are currently obstructing one of Tacoma’s most valuable assets: our skyline.

At a time when Tacoma is looking to boost economic growth, we should leverage everything we can to draw investment. Our skyline, our water and mountain views, the beauty of our trees and our architecture are worth money. They draw talented people to the city. That draws businesses looking for talented employees. They even inspire people to innovate ways of doing business, just to be able to live in a place like this.

Clear Channel Outdoor is not currently helping Tacoma

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TACOMA: Keep ads off school scoreboards

Re: “Scoreboards will ring up ad dollars for schools” (TNT, 7-5).

Why does the chirpy headline about new corporate-sponsored scoreboards remind me of the Clear Channel billboard controversy?

Maybe it’s because in both cases, the assumption is that an inflow of money in these tough economic times is unquestionably a good thing, regardless of the costs of such corporate-driven media arrangements.

Let’s look at three points made about this proposal by the advocacy group Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, almost 30 advocacy groups, parents and individuals who care about children.

As this

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