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GOP: Obstinance costing U.S. its credibility

On Tuesday, the Senate fell short of the two-thirds vote required to ratify a United Nations treaty, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. All the votes against were Republican.

The treaty requires no change to U.S. law, and is patterned after the standards in the Americans With Disabilities Act. It would be a non-binding international standard.

I cannot understand the current thinking of the far right senators who voted against this treaty signed by President Bush. Does this signal a growing isolationism, a disregard of the status of people with disabilities, or what? Was this just another

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TACOMA: Cheney Stadium updates don’t seem safe

I recently made my first – and last – visit to the new Cheney Stadium. While it looks nice, attempting to get seated revealed a glaring safety issue.

Our seats were in Row 12. but handrails only extended to the first four rows. This lack of handrails did allow the addition of two seats to each row, but at significant risk to the public.

I observed younger patrons also having difficulty above Row 4, especially if carrying loads and having no steadying rails. The seatbacks are too low and require a hand to be used. The plastic seats are too

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