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LEGISLATURE: Don’t criminalize whistleblowing

I’m glad the ACLU is standing up for our First Amendment rights by opposing House Bill 1104, which would make it illegal to film at agricultural operations without the owner’s consent.

This bill would criminalize whistleblowers on animal factory farms, putting them in jail for up to a year and/or fining them $5,000. If you do the right thing and call out cruelty to animals, you’re fined and go to jail. I could not make this up if I tried.

It’s a ludicrous bill, and I hope our state lawmakers are not foolish enough to pass such an obviously unconstitutional law. It

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MARRIAGE: State officials owe florist an apology

Re: “Sides rally support after florist refuses gay couple” (TNT, 4-12).

The Richland florist case isn’t just about freedom of religion. It’s about state officials imposing an unfair burden on conservative Christians working in the wedding industry.

It is reasonable for the state to expect retailers to sell their goods to the general public without regard to the ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientations of their customers. It is not reasonable to expect vendors to provide goods or services for events that are inconsistent with their goals or values.

Artists, entrepreneurs and independent contractors have the right to choose

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MARIJUANA: Costs of enforcement are real

Re: “Enforcing pot laws cost millions, report claims” (TNT, 8-29).

I’d like to correct some misleading information in coverage of the ACLU’s new interactive map on the significant costs of enforcing current marijuana laws.

Contrary to law enforcement assertions, the map’s data do not include costs for cases where marijuana possession was a relatively insignificant factor. Rather, the government’s own arrest data used for the map follows the “hierarchy rule” – which means in cases where more than one offense occurs, only the highest ranking offense is reported. If someone is arrested for marijuana possession and assault, only the

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