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ELECTION: Veterans groups give Smith highest marks

A recent letter to the editor (TNT, 10-1) argues that Dick Muri would be a “better fit for veterans” than Congressman Adam Smith.

I checked this claim out using www.votesmart.org, a nonpartisan site providing information on how our elected officials have voted, as well as how they are rated by various organizations. I found the following on Smith: In 2007-2008, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave Smith a grade of A; in 2006, he supported the interest of the Disabled American Veterans 100 percent.

For comparison purposes I chose Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio. McCain

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ELECTION: Smith has done right by veterans

Re: “Muri better fit for veterans, district” (letter, 10-1).

So the writer claims Congressman Adam Smith can only appreciate a veteran’s military experience “vicariously”?

As a veteran, I can appreciate the fact that Smith has been part of a Democratic-controlled Congress that has increased veterans benefits more than has been done in 40 years and reversed the “slash and burn” policies of the previous Republican administration and Congress. Smith has served on key congressional committees responsible for the increases in veterans benefits.

The writer may appreciate the vacuous flag-waving and empty promises of the Republicans, but this veteran will go

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ELECTION: Muri’s a better fit for veterans, district

Re: “Veteran supports Adam Smith” (letter, 9-30).

Like the writer, I am a Vietnam veteran. Much of my two years was in ground or air combat. An Army Cobra pilot, I was shot down by a North Vietnamese SA-7 missile.

I heard Congressman Adam Smith at the Puyallup candidates’ forum speaking passionately of his support for veterans. His words rang hollow.

Smith, like many without military service, does not fully understand veterans. His view of veteran identity appears framed by a perception of them as an entitlement class.

I am grateful for the earned entitlements which Smith, like most politicians,

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ELECTION: Veteran supports Adam Smith

I am supporting Rep. Adam Smith’s re-election in the 9th Congressional District. Anyone who has attended his town hall or other meetings will recognize he is probably one the most intelligent and thoughtful members of Congress.

Smith completely understands that improving the economy and job creation in the 9th is of highest priority. In addition, his support of the military and veterans – active duty, Reserve, Guard, retired – is unwavering.

With Joint Base Lewis-McChord in our district and his membership on the House Armed Services Committee and as chairman of the Subcommittee on Air and Land Forces, his position

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