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ELECTION: Adam Smith is no ‘fiscal hawk’

Democrat Adam Smith is in a tight battle with Republican Dick Muri for election as representative for Washington’s 9th Congressional District.

Smith claims to be a moderate Democrat and self-styled “fiscal hawk.” To recount Smith’s record (which is largely absent from any of his campaign ads), our “fiscal hawk” is responsible for voting for the $356 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (aka “bank bailout”) and the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (aka “stimulus”), which has not resulted in any stimulus of the economy save for Smith’s counterfactual arguments that things would be worse without it.


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ELECTION: It’s the spending, stupid

Re: “Re-elect Dicks, Reichert and Smith” (editorial, 10-12).

It’s the spending, stupid.

Once again, The News Tribune has demonstrated that it is part of the problem and not the solution by endorsing the same incumbents who voted for massive increases in government spending. I used to think Adam Smith was a nice pragmatic guy, too, but over the past several years he has shifted hard to the left in favor of big government and big spending.

He was a yes vote on the massive, ineffective stimulus bill and Obamacare, and has supported Nancy Pelosi’s far-left agenda in almost all the

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ELECTION: Muri will work to undo Democrats’ damage

It seems many readers support Adam Smith because he supports veterans. If elected, Dick Muri will support our military every bit as much as Smith has done. Therefore, consider other reasons for casting your vote.

In the past, Smith has been touted as a moderate but he has voted with Nancy Pelosi’s agenda more than 96 percent of the time. He supported all of the bailouts even though the Inspector General has stated that the fraud and waste has run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

He voted for the cap and trade bill even though it

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ELECTION: Adam Smith is no fiscal hawk

A recent TV ad approved by Rep. Adam Smith indicates that his opponent in the 9th Congressional District race, Pierce County Councilman Dick Muri, isn’t really looking out for the people of Washington.

Perhaps Smith is confused about which Washington he is referring to, because the last time I checked, his top contributors were lobbyists ($48,922) and lawyers ($43,450), whereas Muri’s top contributors were local retired ($21,925) and defense employees ($3,700).

Smith wants us all to think he’s a moderate, a maverick and a fiscal hawk. However, during his 14 years in the other Washington he has voted 97 percent

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ELECTION: Smith ad full of lies about Muri

I am writing to express my disgust with an ad done by Adam Smith’s campaign attacking Dick Muri. Several statements made, referencing The News Tribune, are grossly distorted or false.

Just a few:

• The ad says Muri voted himself a 21 percent pay raise (TNT, 11-22-2006). Distorted and wrong. The Pierce County Council voted a raise for the county executive, bringing that position’s salary in line with similar positions. By charter, the rest of the council automatically received the 21 percent raise.

Although Muri did vote “yes,” the article specifically states that he would not receive the raise at

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ELECTION: Adam Smith ad redifines reality

I’ve just watched the new Adam Smith campaign ad which touts him as a “fiscal hawk.” Does Smith have no regard whatsoever for the intelligence of the voters?

How can anyone who has voted for bailouts of $700 billion, a $787 billion stimulus package and a monstrosity of a health care system, the cost of which can only be regarded conceptually, seriously present himself as a fiscal hawk?

Smith is this election’s poster child for Abe Lincoln’s famous saying, “You can fool some of the people all of the time; you can fool all of the people some of the

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ELECTION: Muri offers fiscal common sense

This election, more than ever, voters need to look beyond a candidate’s facade to the candidate’s voting record. Voters are rightly worried about our nation’s huge debt and growing Social Security crisis.

In this “year of the tea party,” many candidates are presenting themselves as fiscally responsible moderates, when their voting record shows them to be big-spending, big-government proponents. Rep. Adam Smith is an example of such a politician.

He voted for the deficit–ridden stimulus bill, the hugely expensive “cap and trade” bill and Obamacare. However, when it is time to appeal to the voters for re-election, Smith portrays himself

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ELECTION: Smith came through for Pacific

It is easy to sit in an office back in Washington, D.C., and tell people what they want to hear. But it is another thing to look a person in the eye, tell them that you understand their issue and that you will do everything you can to meet their concerns.

Adam Smith did that following the flood of 1,001 homes and 15 businesses in the City of Pacific in January 2009. He came to Pacific in person and walked the flooded area talking to its victims. He dedicated staff members to work with the city and these victims to

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