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ELECTION: Ritchie for 8th District congressman

Last week I attended the Auburn Chamber of Commerce candidates meet and greet. The candidates each described their backgrounds, policy positions and why they felt best qualified for the position they were seeking.

Jason Ritchie is a small business person who constructs wheelchair ramps, etc., for disabled folks. Last year, the Republican Congress-mandated government shutdown disrupted SBA loans to businesses like his, slowed the job growth and cost the taxpayers $24 billion.

Dave Reichert does not want to be held accountable by the voters for:

• Shutting down the government last year, initially suspending payment of wages to military personnel while receiving

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ELECTION: Reichert ably serves the 8th District

Congressman Dave Reichert stands with the people of the 8th District. With over 40 years of public service experience, he is the most qualified candidate.

Using his experience as King County sheriff, Reichert proposed and passed an amendment to the appropriations bill which provided funding for hiring police officers. Reichert also passed legislation honoring fallen Mount Rainier park ranger Margaret Anderson. Additionally, his legislation to combat human trafficking of foster children was included in a larger package and signed into law earlier this year.

Reichert’s accomplishments don’t end with his law enforcement experience though. As a member on the Ways & Means

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ELECTION: Reichert has our back in Congress

Congressman Dave Reichert has earned re-election. He has dedicated his life to service in both the 8th District and to Washington state as a whole.

As a man of integrity, Reichert stands up for what he believes in. As King County sheriff he had direct experience managing 1,100 employees and a multimillion- dollar budget. As congressman he has continued to show his dedication to our public servants.

Earlier this year, Reichert proposed and passed unanimously an amendment to the 2015 appropriations bill which protected funding to the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program. This allowed for the hiring of 1,000

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ELECTION: Dave Reichert isn’t a ‘solid performer’

I am appalled at your endorsement (editorial, 9-29) of Dave Reichert for Congress. Your reasoning included that it’s “harder for a Democrat to win” in the 8th District. Note that the 8th District voted for Barack Obama in 2012, after redistricting.

In 10 years, Reichert has gotten two bills passed (one renames a post office) and voted for government shutdown 15 times. That’s a “solid performer?”

Reichert voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Act for equal pay, thereby voting to retain a court decision allowing employers to hide discriminatory pay practices for six months, after which employers could continue those illegal practices indefinitely with impunity. That was

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ELECTION: Reichert has worked for veterans

An online letter writer (TNT, 9-30) objected to The News Tribune editorial board’s endorsement (editorial, 9-30) of Congressman Dave Reichert in the 8th District. I vehemently disagree with the writer’s reasoning and can only conclude that he is insulting this 30-year Air Force veteran, my veteran friends (including Reichert) and the voters of the 8th District by calling us anti-veteran.

Reichert has stood up for us. For example, his “Housing for Heroes” legislation, which combats veteran homelessness, was included in “The Honoring America’s Veteran’s Act” signed into law in 2012. Reichert has also been a leading advocate for not

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ELECTION: Lame reason to endorse Dave Reichert

I guess from The News Tribune endorsement of Congressman Dave Reichert (editorial, 9-30) that the voters of the 8th District are anti-veteran and that they favor sending American jobs to cheap-labor countries and generally turning the House of Representatives into a dysfunctional, broken, worthless government body.

I assume this is the case because the editorial board tells us that Reichert “is a better fit for the district and is an important link to the House Republican majority.” Your endorsement tells readers to vote for him because “he won almost 63 percent” in the primary.

I would think the editorial

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ELECTION: Reichert deserved endorsement

Every election year, Rep. Dave Reichart has to withstand an attack from some techie millionaire who wants to buy a political seat.

Check Suzan DelBene’s apathic voting record to see how interested she has been in politics. I hope the voters send a strong message this time to leave Reichart in place. He has had a life of public service. What political experience does DelBene have? None.


ELECTION:TNT errs in endorsing Dave Reichert

The News Tribune’s not-so-ringing endorsement of the incumbent in the 8th Congressional District (editorial, 10-12) cites Dave Reichert’s “refreshingly congenial and bipartisan temperament,” his possible “clout” and his “growth.” Wow.

Voting with his caucus nearly 90 percent of the time is bipartisan only in comparison to other Republicans. Mavericky departures from Republican orthodoxy — and his judgment — demand skepticism when this back-bencher cannot resist bragging about his prowess in casting tactical votes. When the Seattle Times calls out Reichert’s lack of integrity in presenting his motivations, I am particularly disappointed that The News Tribune instead finds such misrepresentations congenial

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