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ELECTION: Does McClendon even have a clue?

I had to laugh at the sign for Marty McClendon, running for Congress in the 6th District against Derek Kilmer.  The sign boldly states: “For Solutions not Politics.” It seems to me McClendon is running in the wrong party.

This has been the most dysfunctional Congress in our nation’s history. Why? Because of a party that thinks politics was so important that it voted 100 times to abolish Obamacare when they know it would not pass in the other chamber. Meanwhile nothing meaningful that our nation really needs got done.

McClendon may be sincere in his statement and might even be

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ELECTION: Kilmer wrongly supports Wild Olympics

Re: “Driscoll ad against Kilmer lacks context” (TNT, 10-27).

The Political Smell Test article implies that Bill Driscoll – a candidate in the 6th Congressional District that encompasses the Olympic Peninsula – is dishonest. The paper states: “Driscoll says his Democratic opponent (Derek Kilmer) supports ‘Wild Olympics’,” a forest preservation proposal that contains more than 100,000 acres that adds to hundreds of thousands of acres already preserved on the Olympic Peninsula.

Later, the paper states that Kilmer supported the Wild Olympics concept. Still later, without documentation, the article stated the preservation would contribute to clean water and jobs dependent

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ELECTION: Kilmer hypocritical about wealth

Re: “Denny Heck collects more than Dick Muri” (TNT, 10-16).

Why not hold everyone to the same standards? In this article, Democrat Derek Kilmer’s quote against his Republican opponent in the 6th District, Bill Driscoll, stood out: “There are 253 millionaires in our Congress, and he would like your vote to make him No. 254.”

His argument can be used against his fellow Democrat running in the new 10th District, Denny Heck, as well. Heck is a millionaire, as is Bill Driscoll; however, Kilmer has endorsed Heck, despite the fact that if elected, he would add to the numbers

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ELECTION: Best politicians that money can buy?

As Election Day approaches, some politicians are preparing to personally buy their election, a trend that has become increasingly popular in today’s political climate.

In an effort to remain competitive with Derek Kilmer, Bill Driscoll dumped another $500,000 into his campaign, which, amounts to a total of $1 million in personal spending in this race for the seat of retiring 6th District Congressman Norm Dicks. Driscoll’s campaign consultant, Alex Hays, stated that this action proves the seriousness of Driscoll’s campaign to PACs.

This trend demonstrates how the democratic process has been hijacked by money. The  Supreme Court decision in Citizens

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ELECTION: Kilmer will be supportive of military

Retired Major Gen. Timothy Lowenberg has endorsed Derek Kilmer for the 6th Congressional District seat. Lowenberg will go with the candidate to veterans meetings as the chairperson of Veterans for Kilmer.

I was drafted into the Army in the 1960s and served with honor as a military policeman. I served both the military and civilian populations on military bases in the United States.

I know Derek Kilmer. I would have been proud to have him serving as my military partner. As my congressman, he will serve both the civilian and military populations with the highest honor.



ELECTION: Kilmer is ready for Congress

I am a small business owner in Pierce County. With pluck and humility I have ridden through the recent recession and the one of the early 1990s. When I learned of Derek Kilmer’s campaign for Congress, I became involved.

Kilmer was born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula, the son of teachers. Watching friends and families suffer the debilitating effects of the timber industry failure, he had a vision to create jobs, support economic development, protect the environment, and ensure that community and our veterans could thrive. Kilmer respects the balance between small business and broader community concerns.

Kilmer has

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ELECTION: Derek Kilmer understands average Americans

Many members of Congress are out of touch with the struggles of the average American during this time of economic hardship. Congressional leadership looks more like “non-leadership.”

Some of our current “leaders” openly state that their primary goal is to see that our current president becomes one-term president. That is not my idea of collaborative, democratic leadership or government by and for the people.

Derek Kilmer is an excellent congressional candidate because he is forthright, and he has exceptional leadership skills. He knows how to work both sides of the aisle to get things done. He understands the people from

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ELECTION: Jesse Young stands by his principles

I highly recommend Jesse Young for Congress, as he is a man of principle and is going to Washington to serve the people. He will make a contract with his constituents to come back every quarter and be accountable for what he has promised to do – balance the budget, downsize government, help create legislation that will help businesses grow and create jobs.

He also promises to help defeat Obamacare and help reform Medicare and Medicaid.