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ELECTION: Tami Green’s best for women’s health

Women’s health is a key issue in the 28th District, especially as election day draws closer. Tami Green is a strong supporter of women’s health, with a record to back it up. Steve O’Ban would have you believe that he too supports women, even though he has a record of trying to push women’s health issues decades back.

Despite his ads on TV, O’Ban has done little to be called “proactive on women’s health.” In fact, earlier this month, he claimed that women’s health issues like birth control access were “of no concern” to his district. My visits to him

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ELECTION: Attack ads or actual records?

For 28th District voters, the attacks raise more questions than they answer.

Did a candidate really cut education funding? Is there a “war on women”? Is there anyone who works “across party lines”? I’ll continue reading everyone’s opinions while I share some insights of my own.

First question, yes. The record shows Tami Green cut education funding. I personally know students whose education was significantly hurt by those cuts.

Second, ”war on women”? No. I, as a woman, am not a single-issue voter. I believe all issues are women’s issues. -What is our state government’s highest priority? Our state constitution says

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ELECTION: O’Ban campaign isn’t being honest

Re: “Showing military in campaigns can break rules” (TNT, 10-26).

After reading the  article about Steve O’Ban campaign ads, I was disgusted. For campaign consultant Chad Minnick to state that they were not aware that it was wrong to have uniformed service members in ads is an absolute lie.

We made the campaign and Minnick aware in 2012 that this, and posting personal information like Social Security numbers on a website, were wrong. We were told ”it’s all fair in elections.”

To also say that they are not aware of “independent” opposition ads is a lie. Almost every person running for office or their

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ELECTION: O’Ban’s positions opposite of TNT’s

You recently endorsed Steve O’Ban for the state Senate in the 28th District (editorial, 10-14). All well and good. What perplexes me is that on virtually all of the issues – from climate change, to gun control, to women’s reproductive rights, to transportation - you have supported positions diametrically opposed by O’Ban.

How can you support positions on editorial page and then endorse a candidate who opposes those very positions? I am truly puzzled.


ELECTION: Note source of negative ads

I appreciate the editorial board reminding us to consider the source of the ubiquitous, often misleading, negative campaign ads that unfortunately bombard us each election season, mentioning the 28th district as an example (editorial, 10-24).

Steve O’Ban, who has already demonstrated his value as our state senator, is a man of integrity. Hopefully everyone will follow the advice to take note of the source of the “sleazy fliers in their mailboxes” as well as television and radio ads, many of which are not authorized - much less approved - by the candidate.


ELECTION: Support I-594 and Tami Green in 28th

Two extremely important choices are on the ballot for the upcoming election.

Initiative 594 would require background checks for all firearms sold in the state of Washington. Voting yes on the measure will make up for the roadblock to universal background checks put up by Republicans in Washington, D.C.

The other choice is in the 28th Legislative District, where Tami Green should be elected. Her opponent, if elected would very likely become one of the Republican leaders of the war on women in our state. His disingenuous portrayal of being a friend to women should actually be taken as a threat to women everywhere.

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ELECTION: Steve O’Ban is wrong about women

Re: “State Democrats fight Hobby Lobby ruling” (TNT, 10-3).

Women gained the right to vote with the 19th Amendment in 1920. Did anyone ever tell state Sen. Steve O’Ban this? His recent comment that birth control and the Hobby Lobby decision aren’t important issues for voters is either astonishingly outdated by a century or remarkably tone deaf.

Half of his constituents are women, and 99 percent of women in this country have used some form of birth control. This is essential preventative health care, not a campaign issue.

Women do in fact vote in the 28th District, and for

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ELECTION: GOP PAC misstates Green’s record

Who is the Good Government Leadership Council, and why is it lying about 28th District state Senate candidate Tami Green? It makes it sound like she’s against education, saying she’s repeatedly voted to cut education funding.

The group references votes between 2009 and 2011 when the state’s finances were in the toilet due to the extreme recession we all experienced; all were related to the biennial operating budget or supplemental operating budgets.

Every area of the state had to reduce spending because there was no money. In the last two years there were 189 votes in the House dealing with

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