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ELECTION: Jeannie Darneille the right choice for 27th

I am incredibly disgusted by the fact that Jack Connelly has spent more than $988,000 on his race to defeat state Rep. Jeannie Darneille (Political Buzz, 10-17).

I served two years in Iraq fighting for what I thought was a democratic country, but now I question that notion. It is horrifying and shows a severe lack of fairness. How can you compete against someone who will spend that much money to spout their lies and distortions?

I am a college student with little more than a couple hundred dollars to my name at any given time. How could my

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ELECTION: Who really wants the job?

I just returned from my first 2010 candidate forum, for the 27th Legislative District. Held in Fife, it was a wonderful, educational, four-minute “job interview” followed by 75 minutes of civil, thoughtful, engaging, 30-second questions from the audience with 90-second responses from four of eight candidates in the two House races: Ken Nichols, Janis Gbalah, Jon Cronk and Jon Higley.

Absent with RSVP conflicts to organizers: Laurie Jinkins and Jake Fey. Absent with no RSVP following multiple written and voice mail messages: Jessica Smeall and five-term incumbent Jeannie Darneille. My description of that behavior: rude and arrogant.

It makes this

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