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ELECTION: Stambaugh wrong about teachers

Melanie Stambaugh, candidate for state representative in the 25th Legislative District, has repeatedly made statements in public which disrespect our teachers and minimize the influence of educators on our students.

At a candidate forum on Oct. 23, she told the audience that at one time she wanted to be a teacher, but felt her influence on students would not be enough. She then desired to be an administrator, but still felt her influence on students would be lacking. She then determined that only as a state legislator would she be able to properly influence our students.

As a former student of

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ELECTION: Morrell targeted for her integrity

I just received two political fliers targeted against candidate Dawn Morrell for state representative in the 25th District. The message of the negative ads was, “Morrell didn’t vote for lower taxes when we asked for them,” so remove one of the most experienced, compassionate, hard-working lawmakers.

At the risk of sounding idealistic and old-fashioned, I share what I believe to be the job of a state lawmaker. I agree that our legislators need to listen to their constituents. More important, their job is to study, know and understand the needs of our whole state. And most important, they are to

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ELECTION: Which Zeiger is on the ballot?

Recently I received a nice little flier asking me to vote for Hans Zeiger for state representative in the 25th District. The bigger question for me is which Hans Zeiger are we voting for?

He’s written more than 150 articles in publications like WordNetDaily accusing public schools of being cesspools of liberalism, accused liberals of being traitors, that his God is necessary for patriotism, and that groups like the Boy Scouts need to discriminate against atheists and gay people to uphold American values and that the Girl Scouts allow homosexuals and atheists to join their ranks, and have become a

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ELECTION: Dawn Morrell deserves vote Nov. 4

Being a lifelong resident of Puyallup for 74 years I have found state Rep. Dawn Morrell to be one of the most effective legislators to serve our community. I’ve known many of the legislators who have served the 25th Legislative District and Morrell ranks up with the best of them.

We need Morrell in the Legislature with her experience to clearly understand health care and the needs of patients and practitioners. She has been there to provide the knowledge needed to make sure waste is reduced and true needs are being met.

Morrell tells the truth; she tells it like

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ELECTION: Eric Renz for 25th District representative

It is rare for an experienced human being like Eric Renz to offer his political services to his community. The voters in the 25th District should jump to give him the support he will need as candidate for the Legislature, Position 2.

Renz comes with no political baggage. Concerned about the corruption pervading our government, his motivation is purely to improve the lives of those in his community.

A combat veteran with 30 years experience as a pastor and a proud union member, Renz is a 13-year Puyallup resident whose children and grandchildren attended Washington schools.

Unlike his

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ELECTION: 25th District needs Eric Renz

People living in the 25th Legislative District deserve better representation than they are getting from state Rep. Hans Zeiger, now seeking re-election.

In his first term, Zeiger defeated Rep. Dawn Morrell by 29 votes because of lazy voters, others who had seen him speak at a high school graduation ceremony and knew nothing of his background but did not support a proven, active candidate. They did not support him because of any leadership qualities or an understanding of the needs of this district, but he won because of the lack of commitment of the district voters to good representation.


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ELECTION: Eric Renz is the choice in the 25th

Candidate Eric Renz  will be on the ballot in the upcoming November election, running for House Position 2 in the 25th Legislative District.

Renz is a retired Presbyterian pastor as well as a Vietnam veteran. He will represent the district very well because of his long history of serving – in many and varied capacities – with a heart for humanity.

One area that his experience will be of real benefit is in child development; because of it, he supports Kidreach, the Early Childhood Education Assistance Program (ECEAP) and Head Start as needed. Renz supports competitive and complete Washington-developed learning

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ELECTION: Dawn Morrell’s experience counts

We are fortunate in the 25th Legislative District to have state Rep. Dawn Morrell. She continues in the tradition of legislative leaders like Marc Gaspard, Dan Grimm and George Walk, working every day to make out government work by saving taxpayers millions of dollars and still funding important services for families, veterans and our schools without raising taxes.

As a working nurse, she has been a strong leader to make sure the patients win and not the insurance companies by providing good health care options for our citizens, kids and small businesses.

She has also worked to fully fund schools

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