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US OPEN: Why no mention of Calvin Peete?

As an average golfer and an avid golf fan, I look at your U.S. Open countdown almost every day. Sunday’s column, with the review of the 83rd U.S. Open held in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, in 1983 listed the top five finishers on the leader-board but fails to mention anything about Calvin Peete, who finished tied for fourth and was tied for second at the end of the second and third rounds.

The column mentioned two of the other non-winning players on the leader-board, including the player tied with Peete in fourth, but nothing about Peete.

Peete, the most successful black golfer prior

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US OPEN: Move quickly to reopen amenities

Hosting the U.S. Open is a great honor for our region.

Although the temporary closure of the off-leash park, trails and beach is inconvenient, Pierce County officials need to follow through on their commitment to reopen these public amenities ASAP after the tournament is over.

(Klosowski is a former University Place City Council member.)


US OPEN: Challenging course a win for viewers

Re: “Golfer takes first swings at Chambers Bay in tweet” (John McGrath column, 4-30).

When I watch a major golf tournament on TV, I am often lightly disappointed when the scores are far under par. This summer at Chambers Bay, I would love the winning score in the U.S. Open to be even-steven par.

No one complains at the Masters when a beautiful shot comes within 10 feet of the pin only to see it roll back 40 feet into the water. Wouldn’t it be thrilling to see these accomplished pros really have to earn every $7,000 shot?



US OPEN: Ethics board scores a double bogey

Reading that the state ethics board decided $110 tickets to the U.S. Open did not constitute a violation of the $50 limit on freebies for legislators is the kind of logic that gives good reason for the public to be skeptical of the judgement of that board.

Well, they’re going to be attending a seminar as well. What? A seminar on how to improve your golf game?

The privileges of power continue, while the rest of us wait for ethics to come to Olympia.


US OPEN: Public being shut out of public park

Re: “Take closures in stride as golf world preps for visit” (editorial, 4-15).

The News Tribune believes we should all take trail and dog park closures at Chambers Bay in stride and states “those things might not be there in the first place were it not for the golf course.” I remind the News Tribune that the Chambers Bay Golf Course might not be there were it not for taxpaying bird watchers, dog walkers and hikers.

Chambers Bay is a public park, but it is being treated almost as if it is a private golf course. Recently, it was revealed

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US OPEN: Why even hold tournament here?

First it was the osprey nest, which was at Chambers Bay for years and something many of us enjoyed watching. Then it was the dog park. Now it is a ban on boats on Chambers Bay near the U.S. Open site, not to mention parking restrictions on Grandview Drive West.

I don’t know why Chambers Bay was even selected for the site. The things that make that park attractive and the unique signature of our environment are being stripped away. By the time they’re finished, the U.S. Open could be held anywhere.

Maybe the sponsors can paint over the sky

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UPLACE: Common-sense solution to parking problem

There is a fair, common-sense solution to the parking problems revealed by the recent University Place Council’s plans for the 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay.

Streets and highways are (and should be) constructed and maintained with public gas tax revenues to expedite safe vehicular travel only, certainly not for private parking (of cars, boats, RVs or trailers – at any time, day or night). Our gas tax money is solely for public roads – not for private parking in residential, commercial or industrial neighborhoods.

Business and residential owners should provide off-street parking for themselves, their friends and customers on

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US OPEN: Officials’ trip will prove cost-effective

The News Tribune takes seriously its role of government watchdog. But I wish it would restrain its almost knee-jerk compulsion to cast suspicion on every action by an elected official.

The headline chosen for the piece on Pierce County leaders attending the U.S. Open read: “Officials take last, costly chance to see US Open” (TNT, 6-8). The first detail given was the estimated cost.

The unavoidable implication was that officials were enjoying a junket at local taxpayers’ expense; complaints from readers about government waste ensued.

But anyone who’s organized a large-scale event knows that it’s almost impossible to overprepare,

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