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US OPEN: Officials’ trip will prove cost-effective

The News Tribune takes seriously its role of government watchdog. But I wish it would restrain its almost knee-jerk compulsion to cast suspicion on every action by an elected official.

The headline chosen for the piece on Pierce County leaders attending the U.S. Open read: “Officials take last, costly chance to see US Open” (TNT, 6-8). The first detail given was the estimated cost.

The unavoidable implication was that officials were enjoying a junket at local taxpayers’ expense; complaints from readers about government waste ensued.

But anyone who’s organized a large-scale event knows that it’s almost impossible to overprepare,

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CHAMBERS CREEK: Missed timing with hotel plan

If there’s a plan to build a hotel on the Chambers Creek Properties (TNT, 2-27), why wasn’t it done in time for the U.S. Open?

Speaking of which, why not build a temporary dock right next to the course and bring in a cruise ship or two – immediate hotel rooms for thousands, plus restaurants and casinos!


US OPEN: Alternatives for tournament parking

Re: U.S. Open parking (TNT, 2-26).

Has anyone involved with finding available parking facilities for the U.S. Open golf tournament looked into the possibility of parking at Cheney Stadium or the Tacoma Dome instead of Fort Steilacoom Park? These two facilities have easy freeway access and can handle more vehicles than the park.


UPLACE: 2015 U.S. Open will be a financial windfall

Re: “Study history to avoid a huge loss” (letter, 9-17).

The writer obviously does not understand the U.S. Open, coming to University Place in 2015. The U.S. Open is not an event put on by University Place or even Pierce County. It is put on by the United States Golf Association.

The USGA has the experience of having put on 113 successful opens all over the United States. Before we were considered for the 2015 U.S. Open, Pierce County presented the USGA with thousands of pages of planning documents for everything from transportation, housing, security, medical, car rental, player

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UPLACE: Study history to avoid a huge loss

The 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay in University Place may profit from another major sporting event in another era: the 1923 Dempsey-Gibbons world’s championship prize fight in Shelby, Mont.

Shelby was a small town, approximately midway between Seattle and Minneapolis – somewhat similar to University Place between Seattle and Olympia. Shelby hoped to promote itself and boxing in the West; University Place hopes to promote itself and professional golf in the Northwest.

Both promoters, however, urgently needed an arena and more hotels, restaurants, utilities and transportation facilities to accommodate the crowds, competitors’ entourages and reporters. Few developers were willing to invest

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UPLACE: Don’t obligate citizens for Open costs

Re: “U.S. Open task force set” (TNT, 8-13).

University Place’s creation of a three council-member task force to support the U.S. Open is disturbing.

University Place is governed by a seven-member, elected City Council, not a three-member task force. Presumably, the new task force and its members will be subject to public open meetings laws, and meetings will be well-publicized and available for sewer ratepayer and city taxpayer comment and participation.

Ratepayers and taxpayers are already underwriting Chambers Bay course construction and operations losses to the tune of $31 million in loans and tax revenue diversions, without a firm

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