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ELECTION: Denny Heck will fight for vets

On Oct. 10, I attended a Veterans for Denny Heck event with my wife. We were both extremely impressed with the knowledge and genuine passion Heck showed in his support for vets. It was clear that he would do everything within his power to fight for veterans’ issues.

I and other veterans are rallying around Heck as someone we can rely on to work for us. He is the right man to represent veterans and the entire 10th Congressional District.


ELECTION: Heck strong on women’s rights

A forum for women’s health care was put on recently by Denny Heck’s campaign. Having witnessed loved ones’ battle with breast cancer, I am a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood. Being a male who supports women’s health care, it was nice to see both men and women at the event.

Heck was passionate about bringing everyone he could together to realize the danger that women’s health care is facing. He showed how he is really going to fight for women’s right to choose and how he is the right choice for the 10th Congressional District.


ELECTION: Destroying signs is suppressing political speech

I have posted a sign supporting who I think is the best person to represent the people in the new 10th Congressional District. It was a 2-by-3-foot sign posted on our private property. This sign had been up since July. On Saturday night, this sign was cut up and destroyed.

I contacted the candidate’s headquarters and got a replacement the following day. This morning (Monday), as I left for work, I saw that this new sign had been destroyed in the same fashion.

I don’t know what the motive is and frankly don’t care; the result is the same. These

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ELECTION: Heck supports common-sense legislation

Re: “Muri shows middle-class values” (letter, 8-16).

I was struck by the many false claims and half-truths in this letter supporting Pierce County Councilman Dick Muri for U.S. Congress, mostly about the Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Obama – a law which I strongly support, and so does Denny Heck.

Heck will be a solid voice for middle-class residents of the 10th Congressional District by supporting laws such as the Affordable Care Act which introduce common-sense reforms into the health insurance market, prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, and slow the

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ELECTION: Heck’s goals are strongly middle class

The recent letter, “Muri shows middle-class values” (TNT, 8-16) caught my attention for its unfair and untrue implications about Denny Heck.

Heck is most certainly defending middle-class values. He wants to stimulate jobs that would bolster the middle class in America. He knows that investing in roads, bridges, schools and other public facilities would create the jobs that allow people to live a middle-class life.

Just ask some of the people who are working on street-improvement jobs in Steilacoom or who upgraded parts of Steilacoom Boulevard in Lakewood last year. These improvements were funded by state and federal government

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ELECTION: Muri reflects middle-class values

Tenth Congressional District candidate Denny Heck states that he supports the policies of President Obama; that he and the president are defending “America’s middle-class values.”

To what values is he referring? Are they the values of an unemployment rate of over 8 percent, with an estimated 23 million Americans either unemployed or no longer looking for employment?

Are they the values of Obamacare, which promised that medical insurance rates for the middle class would be reduced but have instead, increased?

Are they the values of the Obamacare that defunds Medicare by $716 billion so that senior citizens will ultimately be

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ELECTION: Fighting those 17 angry billionaires

We are preparing for the overwhelming flood of TV ads as a result of Citizens United unlimited campaign funding. Much of it will come from 17 angry billionaires who think there should be less Wall Street and environmental regulation, larger tax cuts for millionaires and smaller entitlements benefiting the middle class. They may have their way if the Republicans take over at all levels of local, state and national government.

As a result I’m knocking on doors and calling citizens in my precinct urging them to support Democrats at all levels: Barack Obama for president, Maria Cantwell for U.S. Senate,

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ELECTION: We need to give Congress Heck

Denny Heck is by far the most qualified candidate for the new 10th Congressional District. His involvement and commitment to Washington state is fantastic, and he has already proven to be a great representative in the state Legislature.

His founding of TVW and Intrepid Learning Solutions gives him the experience in creating jobs that is needed in our current economic troubles. He has also shown how important morals are to him through his Pledge Against SuperPACs as well.