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MARRIAGE: We don’t live in a theocracy

Over 200 years ago our country’s forefathers created a new democracy. In their debates they wisely rejected the concept of a theocracy. One only has to witness the civil wars today over different religious interpretations to appreciate the wisdom of that decision.

The forefathers also recognized that in a democracy, there is an inherent risk that the majority may enact laws that deny a minority of basic human rights that should be enjoyed by all people. Our nation’s Bill of Rights was a brilliant response to that risk. It ensures that the majority cannot deny a minority basic human rights.

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POLITICS: Where are the moderates?

In recent years, I have noticed moderate Republicans, seemingly in a state of confusion, doing nothing more than deploring their own decline. In that confusion, they allowed the darlings of the far right – Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Eric Cantor, Darrell Issa, to name a few – to monopolize the spotlight. Their incoherent campaign rhetoric became party doctrine, advocating everything from libertarianism to theocracy to oligarchy – apparently, democracy had lost favor.

And that is frightening, because with all those extreme ideologies comes an ugly decline of America’s middle class. Expect to see fewer safety nets for those in need, increasing obstacles to higher education, neglect

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MARRIAGE: Laws create a stable society

Re:”We don’t live in a theocracy” (letter, 6-19).

Forget about “religious” interpretations of marriage. Whether you are religious or not, the concept of a man and a woman is the universally accepted criteria for marriage.

Today’s debate is not about extending basic human rights to all citizens. It’s about fundamentally changing the definition of marriage to fit a chosen lifestyle of a very small but vocal minority.

Homosexuals have the constitutional right to marry but not to redefine marriage. Homosexuals have married the opposite sex and never have been denied that right.

There are legal restrictions on who any

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RELIGION: The problem with ‘personal’

There is an unfortunate irony in liberal discourse these days: namely, that we don’t think critically about what it means to think critically.

Subconsciously obeying our modern ideological forefathers (whom we rarely name), we assume that a stark divide between “personal” religion and “public” politics is an essential undertaking for any serious person. What if it’s more complicated than that, though?

I submit to you that it is. Ideas have consequences, and usually these consequences are other ideas. As the great philosopher Georg W.F. Hegel loved to point out, it’s not just that ideas show up in history like dominoes

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SANTORUM: Which version is the real one?

Candidate Rick Santorum, reacting to John Kennedy’s vow on separation of church and state, said: “That makes me throw up.”

Who is Santorum? The one who made such a disrespectful and ill-informed statement or the one who modified the statement a day later after handlers gave him language to cover his tracks? Probably the true Santorum is exquisitely captured in his spontaneous first comments.

In fact, “absolute separation” hasn’t meant legal forbiddance of expression of faith in this, our nation. In ignoring that Kennedy supported free expression, Santorum created a rhetorical straw man.

So, then, what actually sickens Santorum? Apparently

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BIRTH CONTROL: Government cannot advocate for religion

Re: A much larger issue is at stake (Letters, 3-3).

The First Amendment protects not only the freedom to practice one’s religion, as the writer notes, but also protects us from government imposed religion: ” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion….”

When government endorses the efforts of employers, educational institutions, medical facilities, and pharmacies to impose their religious beliefs on others and deny or burden access to perfectly legal medical care, including access to contraceptives, the government is, for all practical purposes, establishing that set of religious beliefs for all of us.

The government cannot

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SANTORUM: Be wary of theocrats

A letter writer demands that American law follow Bible scripture in defining marriage (and presumably all other matters). Another claims Barack Obama has violated the Constitution by establishing the “religion of Political Correctness.”

Now Rick Santorum says Obama follows “some phony theology” that puts the Earth’s needs above man’s, and a spokesman for his campaign backs him up by stating that “theology” is the right word for any particular “worldview.”

All of these people reveal a common characteristic: Theology, or their religious belief, is the totality of their worldview; it occludes all else.

Many, likely most, Americans can live comfortably

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PERRY: Get the facts on the ‘Texas miracle’

Rick Perry promises “to make Washington D.C. inconsequential.” He contrasts Barack Obama’s wasteful economic stimulus with his own fiscal responsibility in balancing the Texas budget.

The facts? Perry balanced his budget with $7 billion of Obama’s federal stimulus money.

Perry scoffs at government, praises private enterprise and touts his “Texas miracle” of job creation. The facts? Nine percent of Texas job growth under Perry was in the private sector, but 19 percent was in government jobs. And as for Perry’s private sector, Texas is tied with Mississippi for most minimum wage jobs in the nation.

Religious extremists form Perry’s political

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