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HOLDER: Attorney general is guilty

Re: “House action deserving of contempt” (letter, 7-1).

Operation “Fast and Furious” allowed over 2,000 firearms to cross the border into Mexico. Border Agent Brian Terry was killed as a direct result of this gross negligence. The government officials who are responsible for this failed ATF program have not only Terry’s blood on their hands but also that of all the Mexican citizens killed with these weapons.

This is not a political ploy, Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress about his involvement and knowledge of “Fast and Furious.”

Kent resident Benedict C. Ladera was recently sentenced to a

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HOLDER: House act deserving of contempt

The House of Representatives was out of line to issue contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder (TNT, 6-29).

This is so clearly a political ploy intended to achieve two things: distract Holder from his normal duties by tying up his office in chasing paper and payback by Republicans for congressional treatment of former attorneys general John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales.

It would be a refreshing surprise if either chamber were interested in working to make life better for American citizens instead of doing everything possible to paralyze legitimate, effective congressional activity.



ZIMMERMAN: Bail shouldn’t have been allowed

Here’s a novel idea for making sure George Zimmerman is safe: Rescind bail and keep him in jail – in isolation, of course.

I can’t think why bail was allowed in the first place. An electronic anklet is hardly a guarantee of his safety or assurance he’ll appear in court as ordered.



HEALTH CARE: Who paid for Cheney’s transplant?

It’s reassuring to former Vice President Dick Cheney’s family and close associates, I’m sure, to know he is recovering so well from transplant surgery. One can’t help wondering, however, if he paid for this surgery himself or if he used his federally funded, full-coverage insurance.

It seems fitting that the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments about aspects of Obama’s health care plan, which provides insurance to millions of American who otherwise would not have been able to afford even basic coverage.


ROMNEY: His wealth isn’t what’s frightening

Let’s be fair and realistic when discussing Mitt Romney’s tax returns. The tax code gives him (and any other wealthy person) certain deductions that aren’t available to the rest of us. Why shouldn’t he take advantage of them?

I’m not his apologist (he doesn’t need one and I wouldn’t be so presumptuous, anyway), but why attack him or any other candidate for being rich? In truth, wealthy people are the only ones who can afford to run for national office these days. Anybody who clings to the romantic notion about some poor person running for president just isn’t paying attention.

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GINGRICH: He’s off-base on ‘activist’ judges

Re: “Gingrich again attacks judges” (TNT, 12-19).

Aside from the difficulty in defining what Newt Gingrich means when he calls a judge “activist,” he ignores the fact that the judiciary is a separate, independent arm of government. Whether he or anyone else agrees with a particular judicial opinion is irrelevant. Judges do not serve at the whim of one person.

Federal judges must be confirmed by the Senate, and individual states determine how their own judges are selected. Therefore, no president has the power or the right to shut down a court.

I urge those folks who believe Gingrich’s

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ABORTION: Let women control their own bodies

Re: “House votes to stop health care law abortions” (TNT, 10-13).

Along with many other women, I am furious with the U.S. House of Representatives for approving the most recent abortion bill. Can’t we put this subject to rest once and for all? This is a health issue, not a religious one, and I wish the religionists would get out of it and leave us women alone to control our own bodies.

Here’s the question that should be asked: Do you want or need an abortion? No? Then don’t have one. But please stop interfering with those of us

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OIL SPILL: Moratorium, tight regulation needed

Re: “Offshore oil industry faces a hard new world” (editorial, 5-17).

I’m in favor of a moratorium on offshore drilling for the foreseeable future, at least until the petroleum industry can show genuine, tested safety measures in place.

Let’s have regular but unannounced safety audits and enforceable regulations similar to those of the airline industry that can ground planes that don’t meet performance standards. Let’s require oil companies to post a bond before they can apply for a permit to drill, with the dollar amount of the bond to equal 10 times the cost of recovery in case of a

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