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TAXES: Petterfy should seek return to 1965 levels

Thomas Petterfy, a Hungarian immigrant and Wall Street billionaire, has inundated our television with political ads with a simple warning: Unless we vote Republican, we will turn the United States into the depressed communist Hungary of his childhood.

In 1965, Petterfy fled Hungary for America – a country that he fantasized about since he was a boy. In 1965, about the same time I came to America, the highest marginal tax rate in this country was around 70 percent, which means that successful entrepreneurs – those like Petterfy – had to reinvest much of their wealth in the country and

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MARRIAGE: Archbishop doing the Vatican’s bidding

Re: “Catholic leader gets it wrong” (letter, 4-18).

As a very senior citizen and lifelong Catholic, I learned from an early age that the church governs only in a matter of faith and morals. When the letter writer speaks of the Seattle archbishop urging Catholics to vote against same-sex marriage, this was not just the position of the archbishop but the position of the Vatican.

Signing the Referendum 74 petition would not make me homophobic. I have a good friend who is a lesbian, and I would defend her right to choose whomever she pleases to make life-and-death decisions

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MARRIAGE: Archbishop gets it wrong

Last Sunday, our Catholic archbishop distributed a letter to every parish in Western Washington urging Washington’s Catholics to sign the petition for Referendum 74, which would overturn this state’s same-sex marriage law.

As a local physician, I find Referendum 74 incongruous. It has been more than a quarter century since the Academy of Psychiatry removed homosexuality from the list of sexual disorders. My profession has long since accepted homosexuality as a normal expression of human sexuality. To promote healthy, stable relationships within normal sexual expression would strengthen our social fabric.

But beyond this cold, clinical progress, gay marriage can be

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PUYALLUP: Pasquier offers commitment, experience

Tony Apostle, Puyallup’s school superintendent, has announced his retirement at the end of this school year. Puyallup now has the opportunity to reassess the direction of its schools under new leadership.

As a long-practicing pediatrician in the area, I have thought a lot about the needs of our young people and the value of well-run schools in attending to those needs. To simply maintain the status quo at this time would be a serious mistake. Puyallup needs leaders on its school board with a fresh outlook and some civic experience, somebody who can navigate between solid operations and narrow financial

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