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MAY DAY: Baltimore has no monopoly on knuckleheads

Oh, good, it’s that time of year again to celebrate May Day. That’s May 1 for all of you who couldn’t care less, myself included.

It’s time to show the whole country, or world for that matter, that Baltimore isn’t the only place that has its share of knuckleheads but that they are appropriately distributed throughout the whole country with the proposed marches, riots and property destruction planned for the day.

Happy May Day, I think?


PROTESTS: More nonsense from Eugene Robinson

Re: “Wrongful finger-pointing in two cops’ murders” (Eugene Robinson column, 12-23).

I’ve had about all I can stand from Robinson’s tirades. In his latest epistle, he claims there is no connection between the execution-murder of two New York police officers by a deranged person from Baltimore and the recent months-long protests and speechifying by such individuals as Al Sharpton.

Well, if one would just look at page A6 of the same day’s edition, the article headlined ”New York officials tie killing to protests,” you will read other opinions.

A direct quote from Police Commissioner William Bratton (who was appointed by cop-critic

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ECONOMY: Arguments use soggy tea leaves

Two recent letters parrot the same deceptive tea party statistics and talking points that are being spread around Facebook. But just because you read it on the Internet doesn’t make it so. Darrell Huff wrote “How to Lie with Statistics” in 1954, and things are much worse today.

One letter writer cites 100 million Americans on public assistance programs – one in three! Absurd nonsense. The number was reached by adding the total recipients of every separate program, without remarking that many individuals are on the rolls of several of them. Remove the duplicates, and the result will make

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TRIBES: No proof that prosecutorial power against non-Indians is necessary

The article (TNT, 8-13) about tribes seeking prosecution power against non-Indians was interesting, but I saw no real credible evidence the tribes even need this measure.

Where’s the data from reliable sources (not the Democrats’ less-than-reliable think tanks) that this law is even needed? Who’s against violence against women? Everyone, of course. There are now plenty of local, state and federal laws now in force to deal with the non-Indians committing crimes both on and off the reservation. We don’t need more to gum up the prosecution’s chances.

What we do have is Sen. Patty Murray trying to drum

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ELECTION: An America I no longer recognize

We’re coming up on a presidential election that has real consequences.

We are looking at an administration that has had 30-plus months of over 8 percent unemployment. Fully 30 percent of our population, that’s 100 million people, is now on the government dole (food stamps, WIC programs, housing subsidies, Medicaid, etc.).

We have spent over $800 billion on a stimulus program that did nothing but forestall a few months of 8-plus percent unemployment. We continue to subsidize and give loans to “energy companies” that go bankrupt (Solyndra and others). We have a federal tax structure where 47 percent of the

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BUDGET: Legislature doesn’t seem to have a clue

I have gotten completely frustrated with the Washington Legislature this past year. These people have no clue as to what priorities should be this legislative session.

I mean they put forth bills on banning plastic bags, gay marriage and who knows what’s next? Banning mole-killing again? I know they’re small, furry, blind creatures (moles not legislators), but they’re pests much like our Legislature has been the last year or so.

When will they (legislators not moles) start to buckle down and solve our budget problems, like funding education? Any legislator who feels plastic bags and gay marriage are more important

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SHOOTING: Left-wing hate goes over the edge

I just read the latest left-wing tirades in The News Tribune letters to the editor (1-11). I must admit I was astonished at the number of people on the left who believe that conservatives have some sort of mind control over everyone on this planet. Otherwise how else could conservatives have implanted this supposed conservative ideology of hatred into this horrific murderer’s head?

My only suggestion to this left hate group is to immediately check into Western State Hospital, as they themselves are in real need of help.