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CIGARETTES: Save the roll-your-own stores

Re: “Roll your own hurts retailers and state” (letter, 3-24).

I disagree with the writer’s claims that roll-your-own (RYO) stores are bad for the economy of the state and are costing the state tax revenue.

Prior to finding a local RYO store, I was importing my smokes from an online duty-free outlet in Europe. Washington got no money from these transactions.

I’m sure a lot of RYO customers will go back to online ordering if the Legislature shuts these stores down. Others will shop for smokes in Oregon, Idaho or Canada.

The writer, the executive director of the Washington

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CIGARETTES: Roll your own hurts retailers and state

Roll your own (RYO) cigarette retailers have been opening at an alarming rate throughout the state of Washington. These stores advertise cheap smokes but end up costing average mom-and-pop retailers, grocery stores and the state a lot of money. This is why a large coalition of retailers are supporting House Bill 2565.

HB 2565 defines a finished roll your own (RYO) cigarette as a “cigarette,” which is subject to the same excise tax levied on these products in average convenience and grocery stores. The tobacco used in RYO machines is loose-leaf cigarette tobacco, which has been mislabeled as pipe tobacco

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