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ELECTION: GOP out of touch with average Americans

Letter by Patrick N. Allen, Grapeview on Sep. 24, 2012 at 1:43 pm with 54 Comments »
September 24, 2012 2:41 pm

With the addition of Paul Ryan to their ticket and the predominance of tea party thinking, the GOP has moved so far right that it has lost touch with the average American.

The Republican positions on women’s reproductive health care; same-sex marriage; immigration reform; increased Pentagon spending; and decreased spending on education, transportation, infrastructure and health care are all contrary to emerging thought. These positions reflect a timeworn mentality.

Whatever happened to Republican moderate conservatism – the kind of conservatism that is needed to provide a healthy balance as our elected officials consider legislation? Now we have a Republican Party whose sole intent is to obstruct and bring a president down. The American people deserve better.

Both candidates are correct when they say “the choice is clear.” I believe that we will vote in November to restore compromise and confidence in our government. President Obama will be re-elected by a comfortable margin, and the Democrats will begin the process of taking back the House.

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  1. That’s unfair. I think you should apologize to all the boils for such an odious comparison. ;-)

  2. Pat, how completely out of touch are you? We are spending a TRILLION dollars more then we have annually. Taxing the rich 100% would not solve this (at 100% they would fund 10 weeks of federal govt).

    Yup, we need to cut. Teacher vs student growth is out of control. More spending, more teachers, no accountability, worse students. $800b stimulus and 10% went to infrastructure. Blame unions, EPA, and entitlements. Since the 1970’s payments to individuals have surpassed investments.

    Wake up. Open your eyes. Think rationally.

  3. Scottc51 says:

    This country is addicted to deficit spending and once we hit withdrawal it is going to be ugly. At least the Republicans know that this is unsustainable. Democrats (and Bush Republicans) live in denial.

  4. Sonofwashington says:

    Well said Patrick. But you almost have to feel sorry for the Republicans. They chose to pander to the Tea Partiers and all the rightmost of the right-wingers who brook no compromise with even moderate Republicans. (Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and Barry Goldwater wouldn’t be allowed at the RNC this year).

    They are now paying the price as America has become witness to their unilateral stridency and obstructionism.

  5. Nope. They pander to math and reason. You and your ilk are nothing but emotion and jealousy.

  6. Frankenchrist says:

    Ronald Reagan would not recognize today’s far-right moonbat GOP.

  7. You know something, ct and scott, deficit spending has its place in tried and true economic theory. You should read a little more.

  8. Deficit spending is only bad when the other side does it.

  9. Sonofwashington says:

    “Ronald Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter. We won the midterms. It’s our due.”
    – Dick Cheney to Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neill when O’Neill tried to warn Cheney of a looming financial crisis. Mr. O’Neill was fired shortly thereafter.

  10. Scottc51 says:

    Deficit spending is only good in very temporary situations, not for years and years. Now the public expects money we don’t have. Not just 47%. A lot more. We all want what is not affordable. I don’t see this addiction ending well.

  11. Whathappened says:

    CT8 has been drinking Rush Limbaughs koolaid too much! 800 billion stimulus!
    At least Rick Perry (47 BILLION), Tim Pawlenty (40 billion), Bobby Jindal (60 billion), Sarah Palin (3 BILLION) + 90 MILLION to pay for that gym in Wasilla
    used stimulus MONEY to keep their jobS. OOPS, SARAH QUIT.

  12. Sonofwashington says:

    Scott – I would agree with you, but we really have no choice at this point. We can only work out of a deficit by growing the economy. We do that by creating jobs which creates demand which creates manufacturing and services as well as insfrastruture, which creates more jobs…etc.

    Austerity measures at this point would only reduce jobs, cut demand, and cut economic growth making.

    The key is that deficit spending goes to job creation and not tax cuts that do not create jobs.

  13. Lol, we have to go further in debt (like $10tril in stimulus over 12 years was not enough) to get out of debt.

    1930s vs 2012. WWII vs an EPA, energy policy, and unions that make building anything in America nearly impossible.

  14. I also wonder what happened to moderate Republican conservatism. Having come of age in the ’60’s I remember senators like Everett Dirksen, Jacob Javits and others. They made it very clear when they disagreed with Democrats but they didn’t become so entrenched in their viewpoints that they were unable to reach compromises that were in the best interest of the American people. Like: civil rights legislation, environmental protection…I could go on.

  15. Lindee, the expectation from dems today is that the republicans have to compromise, not the the dems. Every speech from the President is partisan and dividing. 2009 showed how far the dems were willing to go to subvert any and all republican input and influence on legislation.

  16. Sonofwashington says:

    CT8 – You might reflect that FDR was bringing us out of the Republican depression by putting Americans to work through federal (deficit) spending. That was greatly accelerated by massive federal spending (and huge deficit growth) during WWII. Following the war, the government funded the GI Bill (a Veterans Jobs Bill!!) that helped the returning GI’s become even greater assets to the American economy. In the meantime, the labor movement, a response to the exploitation of the American worker during the “industrial revolution”, guaranteed regular folk a living wage and the means to buy a home, a car, appliances, etc., etc, creating more demand, more jobs and a world-breaking economy. Eisenhower helped to address the war deficit by building the highway system, hospitals, and other infrastructure, creating more jobs.

    Unions were the major force in creating a middle class that gave the average American a standard of living that was the envy of the world. The loss of labor influence and the growth of corporate outsourcing has helped destroy the middle class and the American dream.

  17. Fibonacci says:

    Are you really that blind?you say the DEMOCRATS won’t compromise? Are you serious? The Republicans have been doing nothing but saying NO from the beginning. Heck, they have said from the beginning their ONLY goal is to defeat Obama.

  18. Sonofwashington says:

    The Republican leadership in the Senate, Mitch McConnell in particular, has led a record-breaking number of filibusters against Obama, to include their latest against the Veterans Jobs Act. And lets not forget the refusal to raise the debt ceiling which downgraded the US credit rating and cost taxpayers even more in interest.

  19. Fib, that was said in 2010, after Harry, Nancy, and BHO enacted terrible, expensive, recovery slowing policy.

    Sow, cute story. GI Bill is still there. Problem is we stopped investing in the future in the 1970’s. now we cannot afford investments. Taxing the rich 100% would not solve the spending problem.

    Math, your enemy.

  20. bobcat1a says:

    The most beautiful part of this election is that when Romney loses, the tealiban will scream that the candidate wasn’t “conservative” enough, and they will demand a “true conservative” in 2016. That will lead to an Ellen Craswell-like meltdown of the Teapublican Party and Hillary will have 8 years of massive majorities to work with.

  21. averageJose says:

    If Soetoro does win he will have to take responsibility for his failures at some point.

  22. LeePHilI says:

    “Whatever happened to Republican moderate conservatism – the kind of conservatism that is needed to provide a healthy balance as our elected officials consider legislation? Now we have a Republican Party whose sole intent is to obstruct and bring a president down. The American people deserve better.”

    Look what happened to Charlie Christ. He greated the President with a handshake and a hug and the TEA Party went after him with a vengence. Yes, the same TEA Party that is funded by Dick Armey and the Koch Brothers.

    Look at the numbskulls that post here as “Conservatives”. They make up their own reality based on ideology. A Moderate wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Look for Charlie Christ to hold a cabinet position after Obama’s re-election. I also hope Steve Schmidt gets consideration. He is a brilliant man that made one mistake……Palin.

  23. LeePHilI says:

    CT8 says:
    Sep. 24, 2012 at 8:26 pm Math, your enemy.

    So saeth the mathmetician who didn’t know what CDB was.

  24. Larry, you are incredibly childish for such and aged man. Still waiting for you find that in a the budget.

    I did find a something out of the current admin with that phrase, in quotes, implying a non-technical term.

    Nice deflection. Bring on the issues, pops. While you are at it, you may want to watch that tone.

  25. LeePHilI says:

    CT8….quit pretending you are some expert in math. You know what a conservative website tells you to know.

  26. More relevant question; What happened to all of the moderate Democrats?
    0bama, in his typically conceitful manner, has recently been stating that his political positions would be considered “squarely centrist” 15 to 20 years ago.
    Fifteen to twenty years ago, “access” to birth control meant that no law prevented women from getting a prescription for the pill or another contraceptive. Now, in line with the thinking of the letter-writer, it means no insurance co-payments for birth control, and that all health plans – including those funded by church-based institutions with deeply held religious objections to birth control – are required by law to provide contraceptives.
    In 1996, Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act. The House passed the bill 342-67; 118 Dems voted yes, and the Senate passed it 85-14. Even Joe Biden voted yes. It was the centrist position in 1996, as was Clinton’s Illegal Immigrant Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, also of 1996.
    In 2008, 0bama promised to repeal DOMA if elected. But after his election, instead of pushing for a repeal vote, 0bama simply announced that the Department of Justice no longer would defend the law against legal challenges. Wouldn’t a “centrist” follow the rule of law rather than run an “end-around” a law passed by a strong majority in Congress?
    Fifteen to twenty years ago defense spending was a truly bi-partisan issue, even as Clinton chose to spend the “Peace Dividend” paid to his administration by the diplomatic and foreign policy efforts of the Regan and Bush administrations that preceded his.
    Fifteen to twenty years ago, “spending on education, transportation, infrastructure and health care” was far less debatable in an economy where government spending was not running at 103% of GDP.
    And now we’re expected to endure the laughable meme expressed by 0bama and (likely) leftists letter-writers, that Reagan couldn’t win a GOP primary – even after Republicans have nominated Mitt Romney over more conservative, indeed “right wing” candidates as well as primary objections from their party’s conservative base?
    When the U.S. Supreme Court was ruling on the constitutionality of the individual mandate in 0bamacare, liberal court observers expected all four justices appointed by Democrats to back 0bama, while at the very same time they and their media cohorts put unrelenting pressure on Anthony Kennedy and Chief Justice Roberts to “see it their way”. In the mean time the meme was a concerted sigh of “lament” over the “extreme right-wing court” – and never so much as a peep about the lock-step voting record of the 4 demonstrably extreme left-wing justices.
    And how did 0bama vote on Roberts after President Bush nominated him to the big bench in 2005? The Senate approved Roberts in a 78-22 vote. Liberals – such as Chris Dodd and Russ Feingold, who no longer serve in the Senate – were among the 22 Democrats who supported Roberts. Other yes votes included Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman – who aren’t running for re-election because they probably wouldn’t win in today’s extreme-left democrat reality.
    0bama voted no on Roberts. Biden also voted no. In 2006, when the Senate voted 72-25 to end a filibuster so it could approve Justice Alito, 0bama and Biden voted against that, too. And the Democrats’ 2004 presidential nominee, John Kerry, also voted against Roberts and Alito.
    I guess they think that if they keep calling Republicans radical, the press will repeat the mantra without checking 0bama’s and the rest of his dominant left wing faction’s collective records.

    Nawww… that would NEVER happen.

  27. lardn0$, $1tril a year. Simple math even a wedding singer can comprehend.

  28. CT8 – Attempting to balance the budget by only raising taxes is as uninformed and as undoable as trying to balance the budget by only cutting spending. What is needed is a fair and balanced approach using spending cuts and legitimist tax increases that increase federal revenues.
    If you could think you would not be spewing the tripe you do.

    The expectation of the Republicans is there way and only their way. Name one compromise the Rpots in Congress have offered that did not amount to ‘we do it our way or nothing gets done.’
    Facts and truth are to the Rpots what holy water and silver are to vampires.

    Scott – Republicans only care about the debt when they are not the ones running it up. The true denial is the GOP belief that the only way to control the debt is to cut spending on programs that don’t expand the military or make the rich richer.

    The people who both expect and demand the most handouts are the rich and big businesses.

    bBoy – deficit spending has a temporary in the economy, but now it is time to tame the beast and bring the debt down to size.

    aJo – why should Obama have to take responsibility for the failures of the Republicans in Congress?

  29. averageJose says:

    Barry is such a centrist Hugo Chavez endorsed him.

  30. Since about 49% of us depend on government for one or more aspect of our livelihood, This letter’s headline is probably correct.

    Republicans appear to want limited government and strident freedom for citizens. That is certainly out of touch with some!

  31. menopaws says:

    Keep beating that stupid drum…Republicans have moved so far to the right, they have embraced FASCISM……Moderate Republicans were good for this country—-Howard Baker, Mark Hatfield, John Danforth…….Men of ideas and substance:politicians who tackled problems and worked with Democrats to SOLVE them………..What we have now, in the House, is a group that spends more time flapping their ignorant mouths on Fox than actually working on anything…….and, this is when they AREN’T on one of their MANY vacations………….They left the farmers hanging during one of the worse droughts in history while they went off to get re-elected (let us pray!!!!), left the veterans bill undone, left the transportation bill undone…..So, please tell me what these MENTAL giants accomplished……….And, be specific…….Farmers and veterans await your answer with baited breath………Don’t do your usual trashing of Obama–he doesn’t work in the House……Then again, neither does the Tea Party so far……..But, they sure know how to yell and get our credit downgraded, don’t they??? Real accomplishments to brag about…

  32. Clamat0 – such a dense post.

    at least memo separates her ideas with ellipses [....]

    You have to hit the return key twice in order to put a line between paragraphs.

  33. meno- vets support Romney by a comical margin. They see past this stunt.

    When are you going to hold Harry responsible? Ever?

  34. LeePHilI says:

    Who serves the veterans needs? Democrats.

    Who do they vote for? Republicans.

    What happens then? Their benefits get cut.

    Uneducated voters. The “What is Wrong with Kansas?” syndrome

  35. So according to Lee they are stupid. Veterans have a higher education level then the average citizen.

    Nope. They see through the lies.

  36. Clamat0 – such a dense post.

    bB, we’ve corresponded here long enough that you should know I don’t need much schooling on english comp.

    I decided to omit the paragraph spacing because I realized the rant… er, post was too long. I just wanted to save a bit of space on the page and the sentence breaks all make sense.

    But shouldn’t you be taking alfalfa’s cue about the whole message/ messenger thing too? I mean, a composition flame is lame enough, but comparing ANYTHING I’ve ever written to the rambling run-on missives we always get from meno is beyond insulting.

    But then she can be forgiven because of her point of view, right, bB?

    Why don’t you try attacking me on my points now.

  37. Why don’t you try attacking me on my points now.

    I did say it was dense…..I thought you were bright enough to catch the double meaning of that word.


  38. menopaws says:

    Well, all the vets I know vote Democrat……..Course most of them are retired officers……Don’t wear silly hats and have big stories about their service…….And, my Missouri family are farmers and trust me—the Tea Party candidates aren’t on their list this year…….My cousin tells me their Rep. spends more time drinking beer at the local bar now than he did before he got sent to D.C…….P. T. Barnhum said that there is a sucker born every minute…..Most Republicans have made a lot of lobbyist$$$$ fleecing them and will continue to do so…..
    Obama/Biden 2012 because I have lived the Republican policies and am tired of watching the middle class disappear into the vortex of “trickle down”….Clinton was right–it’s all about arithmetic……Too bad most Republicans can’t count……..

  39. So your far left Washingtonian pals, all zero of them, are voting dem. shocker. The officers are even more conservative (hence voting R) then the rest of the service. You are just making stuff up.

    Made money representing them? You obviously know nothing about Dirty Harry…

  40. menopaws says:

    My husband was a retired pilot in the Marine Corps—he and his fellow pilots vote Democrat……..I don’t have to make anything up—they were here for a party on Saturday making fun of the Republican candidate with the “barbie doll ” hair…their words not mine….Our son is stationed at Ft. Bliss now–he votes Democrat—not all military vote Republican….Nice piece of spin, though courtesy of Fox News again?…..CT8-reality is a real challenge for you, isn’t it? Dirty Harry, by the way, is 82 years old…….Is that all you got?

  41. Sonofwashington says:

    I remember having a discussion with a fellow vet who was going to vote for John McCain. He was quite shocked when I pointed out the McCain had one of the lowest ratings by veterans organizations and Obama was far higher.

    Sadly, the vets too often think that the guy with the most flags draped behind him and the shiniest lapel pin is “pro-veteran”. Not the case.

    And of course, our uber-patriot Senate Republicans just filibustered the Veterans Jobs Act. Better that veterans suffer further than President Obama get credit for adding a few thousand more of them to the employment rolls. It’s all about priorities.

  42. Well, all the vets I know vote Democrat…

    Those would be veterans of OWS protests, I suppose.

    Clinton was right–it’s all about arithmetic…

    It’s all about arithmatic and Team Obama does not want the true arithmatic to see the light of day. 0bama’s arithmetic doesn’t not add up. It’s not even close.

    I think Margaret Thatcher understood arithmetic better than Clinton, as evidenced by her famous quote:
    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

  43. Sonofwashington says:

    Actually Team Obama has done a far better job of dealing with “true arithemtic” than Romney/Ryan. For one, Obama put the actual cost of the war in Iraq back in the budget. You know, the one that Bush always funded through “emergency measures” so it didn’t show on the deficit.

    Our friends Romney\Ryan are infamous for their overly broad statements about increasing jobs, cutting taxes, and cutting the deficit without any clear specifics as to what massive spending cuts and loop-hole closing they will have to undertake. In fact, it is their very fuzzy arithmetic that does not add up. Not even close.

    Of course our Republican friends voodoo math really shows when they brag about “trickle down”, “supply side economics” working to the benefit of the middle class. And how about those tax cuts for the “job creators” that promise to create more jobs. Except those tax cuts were a dismal failure for Bush, having lost jobs by the millions. That’s some fine arithmetic.

  44. He was quite shocked when I pointed out the McCain had one of the lowest ratings by veterans organizations and Obama was far higher.

    What “veterans organizations”? Vietnam Veterans Against the War? Swift Boaters for three month tours?

    McCain had a huge advantage over 0bama in support from vets, and Romney’s is even bigger:

    … Mitt Romney leads a new poll this week showing veterans would pick him over President Barack Obama.

    And, unlike the 2008 presidential election, when Sen. John McCain won 54 percent of the veteran vote, neither Obama nor Romney is earning an edge based off of experience (or lack thereof) in the military.

    The Gallup poll shows 58 percent of veterans prefer Romney, compared to 34 percent who support the president.


    Why must lefties strain credulity so often?

  45. President Obama said that the Iraq War would cost over $1 trillion, all told. Either way, compared to past U.S. conflicts, spending on the Iraq war has been relatively small—at its height, spending on WWII helped drive government spending to 42 percent of GDP, according to the Congressional Budget Office. At its height, operations in Iraq cost around 1 percent of GDP.

    One Trillion over seven years? 0bama’s running annual deficits well in excess of that – what’s his excuse?????? 0bama’s food stamp program alone costs .5% of GDP, not counting advertising.

    And you talk of Romney/ Ryan’s lack of “specifics”, I believe the Ryan plan is far more specific than anything 0bama has ever put forth, and Romney has adopted that plan for the most part.

    0bama’s plan? Tax the rich, and if that doesn’t work… tax the rich… and if that doesn’t work… tax the rich…

    You talk about lousy arithmetic, it’s a well known fact that if “the rich” all contributed 100% of their yearly incomes it wouldn’t put a dent in any one year of the 0bama deficit – and that’s just the 1 trillion + per year in deficit spending that he’s been running, never mind the total US debt.

    More “fine arithmetic”: What was the cost per job of 0bama’s stimuless?

    The choice is stick with the guy who’s done nothing, solved nothing, and has no plan, or vote for real change and a ticket that has put forward more realistic proposals in six months (as opposed to pie-in-the-sky hopey-changey crap) than the empty chair has provided in the four + years he’s been running for president.

  46. Thanks Clam. They were getting boring. Recycled crap and no matter how many times you bring in substantiated facts, they just pull up the same talking point a week later.

    Like the war on terror, this is a ‘long war’ vs extremists….

  47. the Republicans blocked more than 80 percent of all bills submitted in the Senate, including legislation to provide health care for 9/11 first responders, end tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs, stop price gouging at the gas pumps, require oil companies to use some of their profits to develop clean alternative energy, and end a $4 billion a year subsidy to the oil companies—the top 5 had more than $137 billion profit in 2011. (The Republicans did manage to introduce more than 250 bills about abortion, family relationships, marriage, and religion, but not one for jobs creation.)


  48. So you are upset that republicans stopped bills that spend more, damage our economy, or punish select industries for being profitable? Where is your call to tax Apple 100%? They have a higher profit margin and produce overseas.

    Pelosi had time for Fluke….

  49. “Larry, you are incredibly childish”

    ROFLMAO – thanks for such a great laugh!

  50. “I don’t need much schooling on english comp”

    You do need schooling. English, being a proper name, should’ve been capitalized.

  51. Now a grammar lame flame. Truly hilarious stuff, alfalfa, coming from the guy who doesn’t know the difference between libel and slander.

    And weren’t you the one who claimed to have taken pre-law courses?

    Guess you didn’t know the difference between a bar and a rectal exam either.

  52. ct – from the link I provided:

    the bill was fully funded solely by increasing tax collections from Medicare providers who were delinquent in paying taxes, and by requiring persons applying for passports to be current in paying taxes.

    So the LIE that the Veterans Jobs Bill wasn’t paid for and/or it would cost more taxes is there for all to see.

    The GOP obstruct bills because they cannot support anything that might make Obama look good. PERIOD.

  53. ‘vets support Romney’ – wonder how the GOP blocking the Vets Job Bill will change that?

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