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MILITARY: Gays openly serve – and all is well

Letter by André M. Peñalver, Puyallup on Sep. 21, 2012 at 10:44 am with 9 Comments »
September 21, 2012 12:45 pm

This time last year, there were dire predictions about what would happen if Congress repealed “don’t ask, don’t tell” – that it would disrupt unit cohesion, hurt recruiting and ultimately threaten our national security. My favorite (from retired generals): 500,000 troops would quit, and the military would “break.”

One year after the repeal of DADT, the only news is no news. The branches have hit their recruiting targets, units remain intact, our nation’s security is sound. A UCLA survey of active- duty troops found improvements in quality of life and morale.

The military did not break and shows no sign of it. And gay service members finally have the dignity of serving openly.

Now the same people who predicted that the sky would fall on the military would have us believe that a similar fate awaits the institution of marriage if we allow same-sex marriage here in Washington. I think there’s some crow that needs eating. In the meantime, I will vote yes on Referendum 74.

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  1. Nobody wants to lose his or her job, that’s why most against gays in the military keep their thoughts to themselves. Military members were strongly warned, possible discharges if they speak out against gays in uniform. Military is not a democracy, rather a downward directed organization. They don’t have the same rights as the public sector. No vote!

  2. Yep, that must be it. They were all ordered to keep their opinions to themselves. Of course moral and unit cohesiveness would still be affected, as would recruitment. Yes Vote!

  3. ThePrincipledPatriot says:

    “The only news is no news!”

    Are you out of your mind? It’s called perverting the uniform. I have several family members in the Armed Forces. Including one at the U.S. Naval Academy. They are all beyond disgusted! Who have you been talking to?

    Earlier this year, the Pentagon celebrated Radical Homosexualism Month (i.e.; Homosexual Pride Month). Shortly after that, West Point had it’s first Homosexual Cadet Recognition Banquet called “Knights Out.” Recently, military personel were allowed for the first time ever in California to march in their local homosexual parades in uniform. And, most recently, at Fort Polk, Louisiana, the first homosexual “wedding” took place in U.S. Military history.

    Now, homosexuals in the Armed Forces are demanding that the Department of Defense allow “cross-dressing” among the troops. Worse, the DOD is actually considering it.

    And everything is O.K.!!!!! The repeal gave a whole new meaning to “foxhole” didn’t it? R-74 will give a whole new meaning to marriage.

  4. BlaineCGarver says:

    LMAO at the people that think the Straight Military is ok with what is going on…..under penalty of career ruination, the leadership keeps it’s lips firmly buttoned, and the lower ranks openly snicker. It doesn’t have to fall apart to be a bad thing.

  5. We have civilian control over our military. It is a great system that has been respected before this admin. Now the military is pushing someone’s social agenda. During war. Not out of necessity. But the troops will fight on and ignore the distraction.

    Morale is better because deployments are down and the recession did not hit the military very hard (wages are up and most rent).

    Contrary to the media, gays are not abundant in the service. I do not expect them to be ever.

  6. LeePHilI says:

    “Now, homosexuals in the Armed Forces are demanding that the Department of Defense allow “cross-dressing” among the troops. Worse, the DOD is actually considering it.”

    Someone is too young to know the story of Perry Watkins, who not only cross-dressed, but performed in drag for military gatherings.

    Homosexuality isn’t new to the military…just out of the closet ;)

  7. LeePHilI says:

    “Contrary to the media, gays are not abundant in the service.”

    Another, in a long list of…..misrepresentations.

    The media has never contended that gays are “abundant” anywhere. They just make up their section of the populace.

  8. The biggest problem or sexual issue in the military is not gays and lesbians serving. It is sexual assault on female service members. A study released this past summer indicates last year it is estimated there were over 19,000 rapes and sexual assaults on servicewomen by servicemen.

  9. menopaws says:

    No news is good news. when Truman ended segregation, I am sure there were lots of complaints under the radar…….Probably the same as now. But, our military serves under the direction of a civilian government. And, that government de-segregated the Armed Forces and ending “don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” so that gays could serve openly…….The discussion of the pros and cons is OVER, as it should be……..The military does NOT formulate either domestic or foreign policy and as long as they serve their country, they must adhere to any changes made by their Commander in Chief. I am glad this has been handled with dignity….those who are opposed can always leave the service for the private sector.

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