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TEACHERS: Strike is a no-lose proposition

Letter by Richard L. Reynolds, Graham on Sep. 20, 2012 at 12:16 pm with 15 Comments »
September 20, 2012 12:16 pm

Re: “Neither side wanted a teacher strike (letter, 9-20).

In recent years there have been several teacher strikes, not just in Tacoma but in the South Sound area. Neither side wanted these strikes, yet somehow they happened. The reasons are always varied – smaller class size, teacher evaluation systems, etc. However, these strikes had one thing in common: One side voted to go on strike!

Rather than staying at the table, one side determined that going on strike was in their best interest, the best way to achieve their goals.

Teacher strikers usually claim that they are doing it for the students. It sounds good, but the students never seem to have a say in the matter. What these strikes are almost always about is one side imposing its will on the other by refusing to work until those demands are met. They are about salaries, who pays how much for health care and other benefits. These benefits always seem to benefit the strikers, never the students.

Strikes by these public employee unions are illegal. However, this doesn’t seem to prevent these strikes. There is no reason why this law should deter teacher strikes. Can anyone remember when a teacher’s union or any of its members have been held accountable for an illegal strike?

The real question probably should be: Why not strike when we have nothing to lose and everything to gain? Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

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  1. I say fire all of them the next time they go on strike. There are a lot of recent college grads out here who would be happy to take those jobs.

  2. So far Richard, I haven’t see any initiative or referendum to address the issue. I wouldn’t hold out any hope for our legislators to do anything about it.

    Are you willing to file that initiative or referendum?

  3. Frankenchrist says:

    Wow, Richard Reynolds can’t understand how teacher’s salaries and health care can benefit the students. I never learned much from a sick & broke teacher, Richard. Did you?

  4. Not a very bright letter and neither are the first two responses. Adults like those were the kids who did not pay attention as hard as the teacher tried.

  5. jimkingjr says:

    Publico- do you ever have a point to make, other than to attack those you do not like? Try actually refuting a point made- or are you one of those kids who also never paid attention in class?

  6. Fibonacci says:

    No sorry, there are NOT enough recent college grads to fill all those spots.

    As far as only one side voting to strike, tell me what incentive the district has to settle a dispute if the teachers are in the classroom teaching every day? The district has ALL the power.

  7. No. But there is entertainment value in Pub’s comments… if you appreciate bad comedy.

  8. maxaction says:

    I can’t help but notice how consistent the reasoning (or lack of) is amongst lefties like Frankenchrist. If you don’t agree with their point of view, you must be 100% against them. If you’re against teachers padding their salaries and benefits (by striking) the result has to be – sick and broke teachers. Frankenchrist – what’s the average salary and benefit for Tacoma teachers?

  9. Fibonacci says:

    “padding their salaries and benefits by striking”—I think it was about other issues.

  10. bobcat1a says:

    maxaction, what do you suppose it would be without unions?

  11. MyBandito says:

    Richard L Reynolds says- “Rather than staying at the table, one side determined that going on strike was in their best interest, the best way to achieve their goals.”

    Not quite true.

    Once a School District has made their unilateral decision and announces that their offer is the best and final offer and walks away from the table saying “take it or leave it,” the teachers have two options; accept the offer, or strike. Rarely, if ever, is there a strike while both sides are bargaining in good faith.

    Your scenario is inaccurate, Richard.

  12. truthbusterguy says:

    Teacher strikes are a symptom of two things:

    1. The teachers unions own the democrat lawmakers in this state and know they will not be punished by state and local governments. State and local leaders were put in place with the union dollars.

    2. The have little or no competition. Other than private schools they have your kids hostage and they know it.

    This is why the teachers and their union thugs are spending millions against I-1240. 1240 will create non-union charter schools and will compete against government union owned schools.

    While teachers were on strike in Chicago the charter schools were open for learning. Please do something to save some of the kids by voting for I-1240.

  13. However, these strikes had one thing in common: One side voted to go on strike!

    The earth is round!

    Strikes are called by unions representing workers when negotiations with Administration break down. Duh!

  14. Frosty – holding a college degree and being able to teach are not one and the same.

    Tbg – show me the proof scab.

  15. commoncents says:

    I don’t buy that the teachers hold anyone hostage. In fact, time is on the side of the administrators if they had any backbone. Daycare is a required expense whether it be in September or next July. Since the requirement is that the children attend school 180 days it simply shifts school within the year. There were 9 weeks of no school this summer in my kid’s district. That means school could have started during the first week of November and we wouldn’t have any overlap.

    What it does do is interfere with parent’s social calendars, summer sports tournaments, fair participation, vacation plans, etc etc etc. However those all should be secondary to school attendance anyways.

    If the districts called the teachers on their strikes…and ignored irate football parents…the teachers would start crossing the picket line and heading back during the first month where paychecks are missed or insurance coverage ceases. But most don’t get that far because they have no stones….

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