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ELECTION: Connelly runs distorted attack ad

Letter by Bill H. Baarsma, Tacoma on Sep. 20, 2012 at 10:16 am with 19 Comments »
September 20, 2012 10:29 am

I thought I had seen it all during my many years involved in local politics, but trial lawyer Jack Connelly’s desperate, over-the-top, self-funded, half-million-dollar campaign for state Senate sets a new standard.

He is now running televised attack ads against his opponent, state Rep. Jeannie Darneille, suggesting she was in some way complicit in two horrific criminal acts committed years before she was elected to the Legislature. In point of fact, Darneille has the sole endorsement of those people who have to fight crime each and every day – Local police (Tacoma Police Union 6 and the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs) and the state patrol (Washington State Troopers Association).

And to further recognize Darneille’s crime-fighting efforts, the Coalition of Sexual Abuse Programs named her Legislator of the Year for 2012 for her “record of combating sexual assault and supporting victims of the crime.”

This is but one reason voters in the 27th District saw through Connelly’s attacks during the summer and gave Darneille a resounding victory with 58 percent of the primary vote. It is my expectation that the voters will see though the falsehoods and distortions again and elect Darneille to the Senate.

(Baarsma is a former Tacoma mayor.)

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  1. stradivari says:

    The Connelly television ad against his opponent Jeannie Darnielle is a text book example of the use of extrapolation in propoganda. It is unforunate and unfair. The voters saw clearly through it in the primary election, and, I believe, will in the general.

  2. averageJose says:

    Bet you were equally outraged at the Obama campaign for claiming Romney killed a woman.

  3. Frankenchrist says:

    Romney again? Well, Mitt Romney is a blood-sucking venture capitalist who has never done a day’s hard work in his life. Instead, he prances around sacking people and shifting jobs to China while enriching himself enough to build elevators for his numerous cars. In summary, he is a spoilt little toffish knob.

    Mittens framed it so that any critique of a man who has operated without a moral compass or an ounce of shame as a predatory vulture capitalist, gutting America’s industrial heartland, is somehow an attack on capitalism itself. No, it is an attack upon you Sir, you who have operated with a wanton disregard for America and American lives. An indictment of Mitt Romney is no more an indictment on the capitalist system and every capitalist than is arresting and jailing Bernie Madoff. If everything Mitt Romney did to obtain his wealth was so legit, so equitable and fair, then why has this man worked so diligently and deliberately to hid his assets in secret off-shore bank account? What is Mitt afraid of?

  4. averageJose says:

    Wow… as we get closer to the election and Obama’s fade becomes more evident, the hardcore Obama-disciples are getting more rabid. I have just given up on a few of them and hope that, after November, their foaming at the mouth decreases.

  5. Frankenchrist says:

    …”Obama’s fade becomes more evident…”

    lol, no-one is fading faster than Mittens and his imploding campaign.

  6. jimkingjr says:

    I hope Dr. Baarsma is as outraged by Darneille’s claims to have rebuilt Cheney stadium and all of the other minor league stadia in the state- a patent lie- and her friends shameless attacks on Connelly in the primary. This letter is just more proof that the Democratic establishment in Tacoma is scared to death that someone who is not hard left might be elected. Maybe Tacoma could use a state senator who cares about local businesses, like Brown & Haley, or understands the importance of the Port.

    What we need is a state senator who gets it, that JOBS is the issue.

  7. bbaarsma says:

    To my friend Jim King: Rep. Darneille sat in the Mayor’s office with me when we called Chuck Armstrong and Howard Lincoln of the Mariners to discuss how we could keep Mr. Foster from moving the franchise from Tacoma. Lincoln and Armstrong made it clear they wanted their AAA minor league affiliation to stay here but urged the City to begin to deal with the major issues with Cheney Stadium. Rep. Darneille got to work by crossing the aisle to secure capital budget funding to upgrade the Stadium (the first phase). It involved major funding to improve the locker rooms, put in a modern scoreboard, and create the party deck among other tings. The funding also upgraded the stadiums in Spokane, Everett and the Tri-Cites as I recall. No lies or distortions there Jim.

  8. bluegirl39 says:

    “Darneille’s friends shameless attacks on Connelly”…do you mean when he was on the board of MLK Housing Authority when $4 million dollars evaporated? It passed the TNT “sniff test” because it is true. Are his qualifications caring about the port and local business? I think most of us fit into that category…we just don’t have over half a million dollars to put into our own campaign.

    Jeannie has a record of working hard to benefit all in the 27th LD, and is supportive of the rights of women and minorities. She will represent us well in the Senate.

  9. jimkingjr needs to apologize……..or go back to school.

  10. jimkingjr says:

    Well, Dr. Baarsma- I was in the corridors when Senator Prentice put monies in the budget for the minor league stadia in the Senate. No monies were put in the House budget- so it appears that Darneille, if she actually crossed the aisle or tried anything, accomnplished nothing. Fortunately, the Senate position prevailed.

    And those monies had nothing to do with the big renovation of Cheney Stadium, which Darneille claims credit for. The only thing with her name on it was her fourth position on a Kirby bill to waive the leasehold tax, and as vice-chair of the Ways & Means committee she couldn’t even get a hearing for it. Now that she needs credit for things because she is desperate, her allies will give her credit for anything. But some of us were there, and know better. Having to create a record out of the air after twelve years in the House is pathetic.

    And bluegirl39-as for the $4 million for Martin Luther King HDA- is that the same $4 million thaty Darneille supported, including loosening the spending requirements? Even as Senators Regala and Franklin were warning against that appropriation, Rep. Darneille was voting for it. If she had shown any fortitude and stood up to Speaker Chopp, it wouldn’t have happened. That a reporter, failing to look at all of the lies of omission, says it passes a smell test doesn’t mean that Darneille’s actions don’t stink. Do Democratic Party interests really want another full airing of what was really going on?

    As for caring about local businesses- Darneille showed no concern, for example, for Brown and Hailey when she ignored their very real concerns over tax increases that would hurt their local business. That is indicative of Darneille’s record. Having ignored business for twelve years she is now desperately dialing business lobbyists for dollars. What is really funny is that she is complaining that Jack Connelly is a trial lawyer- as if anyone can remember the last time that Darneille voted against the trial lawyers.

    As a budget writer, Darneille helped steal boating and trail money to the tune of $20 million, and helped create the miserable conditions we find our state parks in. As a trial lawyer, Connelly has helped hold government responsible when it has failed our children, our firefighters, and others who depend upon elected officials making sure we do the right thing- then they don’t.

    As for the rights of women and minorities- Jack Connelly has put his money where his mouth is. Darneille talks – but let’s look at the realities. No woman’s rights are under threat in this state- but a deaf or foreign language speaking woman’s ability to have an interpreter available when she goes into labor has been put at risk by policies Darneille has supported. Minorities need help- especially with jobs and housing. When a misguided appropriation supported by Darneille threatened to undo the good work Alberta Canada had done, Jack Connelly donated time and money to try and salvage a situation.

    What did Darneille do- nothing. Then she let her friends lie about it all.

    Publico- I have nothing to apologize for. Jeannie Darneille needs to be retired. That business owners and Port interests think Connelly will do a better job is reflected in who they are supporting.

    The reality is that the liberal Democrat establishment hates Jack Connelly because he is a devout Catholic. I thought Democrats got over Catholic-bashing with Al Smith. I thought Americans got over Catholic-bashing with Jack Kennedy. But it seems the 27th District Democratic establishment has returned to the 1920’s.

  11. pumpkinbread says:

    I don’t hate Jack Connelly and certainly do not engage in Catholic-bashing. I do disagree deeply with the position Mr. Connelly has taken on marriage equality and women’s reproductive rights. I, and many others in the 27th District, believe these are very pertinent issues. I support Jeannie Darneille primarily because she will defend marriage equality and women’s reproductive rights, but also because she has years of experience working with and for our community.

    She is simply the better candidate. The fact that her opponent has resorted to mud slinging says that he is desperate. It also says that he is not ready to manage the honor of representing us in the senate.

  12. jimkingjr says:

    People can differ on issues, but attacks such as the “FBI” mailer sent out by Darneille’s friends tend to indicate just who is desperate.

    And in this state, nothing is going to change on abortion rights, and the people will be deciding gay marriage in just a few weeks. Those who view those as the overarching issues for our Legislature are welcome to their beliefs, but some of us think they are distractions from the fundamental issue of getting the state out of the way of job creation so that our economy can again generate the revenues necessary for supporting state and local government. Darneille has spent all of her time in the Legislature working on the sideshows, while the core needs remain unaddressed. It is time to give someone who gets that a chance to do better in Olympia.

    Really, wouldn’t a felon trying to turn his or her life around rather have a job?

  13. pumpkinbread says:

    The way a candidate addresses issues like marriage equality and women’s reproductive rights speaks volumes about their fundamental, core beliefs; about the role they believe government should play in our lives.

    I prefer a candidate who has a record of upholding human rights, not for some but for all. This is the candidate who will make better decisions about the economy, decisions that consider all of us.

  14. ThinkerDem says:

    People who disagree with Connelly’s faith-based politics are NOT Catholic-bashing, we simply do not want the dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church imposed on us by zealous legislators who believe it’s their religious duty to conform the government of all to the religious beliefs he shares. It’s Connelly’s perfect right to personally obey those doctrines, but NOT to impose them on everyone else by law.

    Contrary to what we were all taught in grade school, the Puritan Pilgrims did not come to this continent to obtain religous liberty for anyone but themselves. Where they ruled, taxes were imposed to support their church, homes were “visited” on Sunday to make sure nobody “slept in” and missed church, a crime that was severely punished. Faith-based initiatives, “National Days of Prayer” subsidizing formerly church-sponsored “good works” has us plummeting down a slippery slope toward the ruins of the constitutional “wall” separating Church and State.

  15. jimkingjr says:

    ThinkerDem- those of you who condemn Connelly for having those beliefs ARE Catholic-bashing. What evidence do you have that he would seek to impose those beliefs? None at all, but you are all too willing to play thought police. Yours is the same type of thinking that Al Smith and Jack Kennedy faced- oh, he’s Catholic so he’ll impose the Pope on all of us. That is the bigotry that is all too evident in this campaign.

    As for the Puritans- in the 17th century there was no where in the world one could find religous liberty. The Puritans came to Massachusetts, the Catholics came to Maryland, the Quakers came to Pennsylvania all seeking to escape the Church of England. It took overtwo hundred years from Plymouth Rock to see the end of state-established religion in these United States. And at that we were well ahead of the rest of the world.

    But this is all Jack Connelly’s fault? Only in the small minds of those who would ban faith from the community. I see Jack Connelly working with Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, and people of all races and have never seen him denigrate anyone’s creed, faith, or race. More than I can say for those on the other side who day in and day out present their intolerance.

  16. bluegirl39 says:

    Connely says his beliefs come from his “Irish Catholic” background. I, too am Irish Catholic as are many of my friends. We do agree with him on social issues, still go to church…and Mr. King you don’t know what you are talking about.

  17. jimkingjr says:

    bluegirl39- in one post you differ with Connelly on social issues, trhen in your last post you say you agree with him. Methinks you need to figure out what you are taking about.

  18. writnstuff says:

    Here’s what I know. One day a Darneille staffer came to my door to persuade me to vote for her. I pointed out some of my issues with her and they responded with answers that made sense.

    The next day a Connelly staffer tried to leave a flyer at my door. I stopped him and asked: Is Connelly for gay marraiage? The response was no. Is Connelly for a woman’s choice? Again the answer was no.

    I may be a two issue voter, but if two of the issues I support are opposed by the Connelly, then he is not the candidate for me.

  19. jimkingjr says:

    writnstuff- and that is your right as a voter. At least you aren’t throwing out a lot of other nonsense, or contributing to smear attacks, to hide that those are the two reasons you oppose Jack Connelly. And you are not bashing him as evil incarnate for having those views. You just disagree.

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