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ELECTION: How far we have come

Letter by Michael Thompson, Tacoma on Sep. 19, 2012 at 1:18 pm with 92 Comments »
September 19, 2012 1:18 pm

“Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.” – Jesus Christ

“My job is not to worry about those people.” – Mitt Romney

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  1. charliebucket says:


  2. So we are just showing partial, out of context quotes?

    “You didn’t build that” ok, that one needs no context.

    “first time I was proud of this country…”



    What a joke. Is this the best the left has? You kids are scared. Anything to avoid BHOs record and distract from the ME.

  3. MyBandito says:

    ….those people….

    Romney has no idea what he said wrong. And he believes what he said.

    The job of the President, a job for which he thinks that he is qualified, is to be concerned for all Americans, including “those people.”

  4. sandblower says:

    CT8, nice try, but you know exactly the context for what Romney said and it is no better than the short quote. Your examples are just the opposite and if you don’t understand, your ideology is showing.
    The polls are getting worse and worse for Mitt and he deserves it. His words and actions are further defining the meaning of “empty suit.”

  5. slarssen says:

    The unraveling continues. Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal sums it up.

  6. I am proud of my beliefs. Point?

    Romney should stand by what he said. In the recent video it was election strategy, not policy. When he spoke of the safety net, it is there and he supports it.

    You guys have nothing. A gaffe or statement you do not like does not make up for 4 years of BHOs failures.

  7. charliebucket says:

    how many excuses will Romney’s supporters invent for him to try to sugarcoat the multiple ways, on multiple dates, he has insulted, stereotyped and scoffed at half of the nation?

    you’re darn right bandito.

  8. Frankenchrist says:

    Romney is down. Next stop is out.

  9. He scoffs at you, knowing you will not vote for him because he has not sent you a check. Neither has Obama, the taxpayers have, but you don’t care.

  10. LeePHilI says:

    “CT8 says:
    Sep. 19, 2012 at 1:33 pm So we are just showing partial, out of context quotes?”

    Oh my GAWWWWDDDD!!!

    For the past three to four years, the conservatives have made science of misquoting (not just editing but MISQUOTING) Barack Obama and now that someone submits one accurate sentence from Romney, we are going to have a conservative whining about “partial, out of context quotes”?

    Please…allow me to correct the quote…how about an indepth analysis, along with video proof?


    It makes Romney look worse. Aren’t you glad you challenged that one?

  11. charliebucket says:

    I own 2 businesses CT8, please, quit while you’re ahead. You got nothing but BS.

  12. Frankenchrist says:

    Mitt Romney is breaking into a flop sweat. That unholy stench is his desperation. Oh well, Mittens is more comfortable in checkered knickers riding a dancing horse than he is talking with ordinary Americans.

  13. LeePHilI says:

    Romney is among the 47% of Americans that he seems to hate so much. Rather ironic, no?

    Come on, Mitt….prove to us that you paid taxes for the last…oh, how about 10 years?

    It’s truely sad that a candidate for President of the United States has so much distain for almost half of the working populace because they don’t make enough money.

    THAT, my fellow Americans, it TRUE class distinction.

  14. LeePHilI says:

    Charlie….I’m betting that the “pot” is calling the “kettle”….

    For a young person…someone has entirely too much time on their hands. Labor Ready probably didn’t pick enough workers again today.

  15. Frankenchrist says:

    Mitt Romney made Paul Ryan release 12 years of Ryan’s tax returns before selecting him for his running mate.

    C’mon, Mittens. How much taxes have you paid? Let’s see those tax returns. Do you know what “eviscerate” means? It is what Obama will do to you in the debates unless you show us your tax returns.

  16. charliebucket says:

    Lee, how do you guys endure the nonsense?

    When a candidate for the office of the President of the USA sounds just like Rush Limbaugh, and so do his supporters, this country is in deep deep deep trouble.

  17. tommy98466 says:

    Wake up folks. I’m tired of paying for the lazy that just thinks that the government ought to provide for them. Its those of us that still are working that pay for your “free stuff.” The money has run out and all that is left is change in the White House. The Hope is that Romney will be electrd in November. Obama is a socialist that believes in re-distribution to make it easy for others that didn’t work for anything. I’m tired of the liberals who think that only their opinion counts on this newspaper TNT site. I’m assuming most of you don’t work and are collecting some kind of government check. Right? Pathetic.

  18. MyBandito says:

    Romney has no idea why “those people” pay no Federal income tax. He has no idea who “those people” are. Many of them, maybe most of them, vote Republican, yet he thinks that “those people” are Liberals who vote only for Obama.

    He’s clueless, and he makes it more apparent every day.

  19. charliebucket says:

    wrong tommy. And that’s the point. Romney and conservative media have got you believing the crap their selling. you are the one who needs to wake up and figure out that you are buying into a line of BS.

  20. Chuck- you are lying or run a business dependent on govt handouts.

    After 4 year of failure and divide it is time for “change”.

    Fast and furious
    8+% unemployment
    $5tril debt, 2x downgrades
    Campaign promises, not based on reality, never realized
    Arab Spring
    Beer summit
    Main Street declining while the 1% prospered (too ironic)
    Obamacare lies (tax, Medicare, exemptions)

    Any one of these is reason enough to vote Romney or stay home.

  21. MyBandito says:

    As we can see from tommy’s comment, Romney has fueled the fire of class warfare. He’s not fit to run a country.

  22. MyBandito says:

    We need more beer summits.

  23. menopaws says:

    The best comment I have heard about Mr. Romney and his candidacy was in this weeks Time Magazine. Joe Klein said this”It’s hard to be effective when you are biting your tongue and swallowing your pride at the same time. Romney has dumbed himself down to fit a Republican Party that has become anarchronistic, hateful and foolish” In short, the man has tried to fit the image that a party of mean spirited wackos require……..Maybe if he had had the freedom to actually run on HIS OWN beliefs, he would be doing better.
    CT8—the Tea Party will eventually be the death of your party. Scream away about President Obama but most Americans are not leaning far to the left…or far to the right……..Elections are fought and won in the center. Mr. Romney has NOT been allowed to do that. His inability to slap down the radicals within the Republican party, and be THEIR leader tells me he cannot lead this country.
    One last note–a lot of people slam Obama over not stroking Nethanyahu and keeping him happy……Be aware that the Israeli Defense Minister PUBLICLY rebuked Bibi for his comments about the support he has received from the Obama adminstration. Said they had better help and communication from this President than any other in the last 20 years…….Now, Mr. Obama doesn’t pucker up to Bibi and he doesn’t let HIM dictate OUR foreign policy……Bravo–Mr. President!!! Between kissing up to the radical right in his party and Bibi–Mr. Romney has been in full pucker mode for quite awhile……..Americans want a leader—Mr. Romney appears to take orders well…….

  24. charliebucket says:

    CT8 – you are wrong and your basis of argument is hollow. Both of my businesses are completely self supporting and I pay my fair share of all applicable taxes and fees just like any other business. you have bought the nonsense coming from Rush and Romney.

  25. Did you catch both conventions or just the leftist lovefest? Fluke is real ‘center’.

    Discussing American values of individual achievement and responsibity is the center, is America.

    Big govt, handouts, redistribution are not American values. Wake up.

    And tone down your bigotry. Got it. You hate Israel and support terrorism.

  26. Since Romney thinks poor is anything below $200K per year income, there will be a whole heap of us that he doesn’t care about.

  27. Scottc51 says:

    Just don’t confuse government with God. Government should not be enabling.
    You keep providing hand outs and it has increased the hand-outees.

  28. And tone down your bigotry. Got it. You hate Israel and support terrorism.

    And tone down your hateful, inflammatory rhetoric. Got it. You hate babies and you support Satan.

  29. MarksonofDarwin says:

    All I can say is that Obama is pretty lucky.
    The middle east is on fire, and the lead story on every major network is a secretly taped video of Romney saying that he’s not going to worry about those people who are going to vote for Obama anyway.

    *shocked face*

    I wonder if Obama cares about those people who feel as though he’s giving away the farm and won’t vote for him….

  30. “hate babies”. Very cute coming from pro-abortion party. Who hates babies?

    MoD, well said. This story will change nothing.

  31. Frankenchrist says:

    CT8 is becoming increasingly hateful and bizarre. I’m thinking his brain can’t accept Romney’s very public downward spiral.

  32. Sonofwashington says:

    Every economic system is a “redistribution of wealth system”. It’s simply a question of what eonomic system serves society best. Over most of mankinds history the economic were under the control of the power elites (totalatarian government, church, and corporate kingpins.) America created an economic revolution through a system that brought wealth and power to a middle class, that concurrently gained great political power that would ideally perpetrate the great power that brought America to it’s peak. Then beginning with Reagan and his “trickle down” theory that gave reverance to the corporate kingpins, the greatest distribution of wealth has skewed disastrously to the very wealthiest power elite, the middle class is struggling as it assumes ever more of the tax burden, and we have a growing “desperate class”.

    America is on a downward slide unless we can find a way to “redistribute” opporunity and good wages to our working class. Guaranteed that Mitt Romney and his ilk are not about to do that.

  33. menopaws says:

    Yep–he wear the Scarlet R around his neck……It has come to symbolize anger, incompetence and whining……..Personally, my husband and I both are laughing just watching Republicans unravel………Karma is really true……and enormously fun to watch…….
    CT8– I don’t hate Israel……But, I do hate those who pander and boot lick, aka Mr. Romney…..I am quite content with how our President has handled this whack job………He just deals with those who actually know what they are doing–the Defense Minister, Security people……..Our nation will NEVER abandon Israel—Nethanyahu is a different story…but, he will be out of office soon……His own people are fed up with his hysteria…..

  34. klthompson says:

    Romney was speaking of a statistical reality that seems to be historically true. It demonstrates the failure of our educational system to maintain a balance. Obama wants the “redistribution of wealth” and comments on it every chance he gets. OK. The first time I read about that subject was in a book named Das Kapital and authored I think in 1849 by Karl Marx, the father of communism. It is also the basic premise of the Manifesto of the Communist Party that I have at hand on my desk. I also have a copy of the Declaration of Independence and a copy of the Constitution of the United States on my desk. I have made a choice. It is not Karl Marx and it is not Obama.

  35. Meno, your analysis on US/Israeli relations is worthless. Period. A real warrior trying to deal with an empty suit ignorant of all things ME.

    Heck, his admin just figured out the attack in Libya was not a few ‘protesters’ gone wild?

    The Washington Examiner has an incredible series on BHO’s past. BHO is done. Let’s start with him helping a slumlord boot 15 families into the streets in the dead of winter (while Mitt was delivering firewood with his kids to help the poor).

  36. LeePHilI says:

    “pro-abortion party”

    “And tone down your bigotry. Got it. You hate Israel and support terrorism.”

    “Just don’t confuse government with God.”

    “I have made a choice. It is not Karl Marx and it is not Obama.”

    And they wonder why no one takes them seriously…..

    I remember when it was apparent that John McCain didn’t stand a chance. They choice Sarah Palin for a “game change” and decided to attack with the Reverend Wright crappola. I also remember the landslide.

  37. LeePHilI says:


    GOP states have most people who don’t pay income taxes

    Mitt Romney claimed that the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay any federal income taxes “will vote for President Obama no matter what.” But according to the Tax Foundation, eight of the top 10 states with the highest percentage of people who don’t pay federal income taxes are decidedly Republican. These include Texas and most of the South. The two others in the top 10 are Florida and New Mexico, which are swing states. Only three of the 10 states with the lowest percentage of people who don’t pay income taxes are Republican – Alaska, North Dakota and Wyoming.

  38. LeePHilI says:

    You don’t want to be fined for not carrying health care insurance? Buy health care insurance. Avoid the penalty AND get covered in case you get injured. That way the rest of society doesn’t end up paying your medical bills.

    I’m surprised that the “personal responsibility” Republicans are even trying to make that balloon float. When you consider that the insurance mandate was a Republican idea (until Obama agreed) it just further makes them look silly and hypocritical.

    Nothing changes, does it?

  39. We care for a thing called the Constitution.

    As to the southern states paying less taxes, blame the progressive tax code. While income is lower in the south, so is the cost of living.

  40. sandblower says:

    CT8’s rope is getting shorter and shorter. I love it when the chicken hawks come home to roost.
    His examples of the President’s shortcomings are either not his or they are false.
    Why do wingnuts always have to lie to make their points?

  41. Where is the lie in MY original list? Any follow on post?

    Have some substance next time.

  42. Fibonacci says:

    Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum (Jaws music)–Romney screams in desperation, why why why can’t I find the right thing to say to make people like me? I have changed and changed and tried everything but not enough ignoramouses buy my crap.

  43. menopaws says:

    Sorry CT8—We all feel sorry for you….Your empty suit is being abandoned by members of his own party……Senate Republicans walked away from the media today , refused to talk to the press, as they have done weekly, except when on recess……….Three Republican Senate candidates have renounced Romney……My husband served proudly and votes with the Democrats………My Jewish friends don’t care for Bibi….or Romney either……..Outside of Fox news spin, do you even know anyone who is Jewish???? Trust me, you don’t speak for Israel—you speak for Rupert Murdoch and Mittens. Don’t flap your mouth about something that is outside your realm of experience……
    Quit punishing other bloggers because you backed the wind-up toy……….

  44. LeePHilI says:

    “CT8 says:
    Sep. 19, 2012 at 5:07 pm We care for a thing called the Constitution.”

    There is a lie. If you did care for the Constitution, you’d know that the Supreme Court of the United States of America found the Affordable Health Care act, and it’s contents – in particular the insurance mandate – to be CONSTITUTIONAL.

    “While income is lower in the south, so is the cost of living”


    Let’s take a look…..

    “As of August, 2012, average apartment rent within 10 miles of Houston, TX is $1236.
    One bedroom apartments in Houston rent for $1176 a month on average and two bedroom apartment rents average $1406.” – rentjungle.com

    “As of August, 2012, average apartment rent within 10 miles of Seattle, WA is $1517.
    One bedroom apartments in Seattle rent for $1303 a month on average and two bedroom apartment rents average $1763.” – rentjungle.com

    Houston’s rent is 81% of Seattle. Seattle’s average income is about $57K – Houston about $54K about 94%.

    It would appear that rent is slightly less in Houston, but incomes are just about the same as Seattle, which would probably be a reflection of housing availability. In other words they have more vancancies.

    Bottom line – Texans are among the top 8 in not paying taxes, but earn about the same as Washingtonians.

    I guess the people in Washington, just like to pay their own way and not sponge off of the rest of the country.

  45. LeePHilI says:

    Oh…and I won’t call that a lie…just ignorance.

  46. MarksonofDarwin says:

    Obamacare is constitutional, but not as it was written and advertised.

    Obama specifically said that the mandate was not a tax, but a penalty. This way, Obama could weasel out of his “no taxes on the middle class” pledge.


    Then we had the attorneys who argued their case for Obama in court claim it was a tax, and therefore congress did not overstep its bounds because congress has the power to impose taxes. The SC agreed….it’s a tax.

    I wish those who nuzzle so closely to the hem of President Obama’s pants would at least understand what’s going on….

    Frankly, I was relieved by this decision only because the SC didn’t expand the powers of the commerce clause and make us all slaves to the State.

  47. MarksonofDarwin says:

    The insane GMA that WA state clings to is directly responsible for a good chunk of the insane housing prices here…

  48. Wow, now that is some selective stats.


    For a fair assessment.

    “Sponge”? You and your ilk love a progressive tax code. They have a lower median income, so they pay less.

  49. Sonofwashington says:

    Every civilized country seems to have found a way to provide for the basic needs of their citizens, including health care and education among other things. Why is it that the richest and “greatest” country in the world is such a dismal failure in that respect. Could it be that we worship the accumulation of wealth over ensuring that American society has the basic capacity to be healthy and to find opportunity in education and living-wage jobs.

  50. Sow, we are the greatest and wealthiest nation because we do not provide basic needs (even though free housing, education, and medical care is already available).

  51. MyBandito says:

    CT8- Many (most) of your comments defy logic. But this comment defies itself.

    We are, because we don’t, even though we do.

    No doubt you have a Romney type explanation for us.

  52. We provide a safety net that was not established to provide basic needs indefinitely.

    We are talking about the present. What is hard for you to comprehend?

    Since the safety net and entitlements grew to their current size we have been unable to invest in ourselves. Between taxes swamping the individual and govt’s at all levels broke, it damages our prospects for a better future.

  53. MyBandito says:

    Since the Bush tax cuts, 47% of us don’t pay federal income tax, and those of us who do don’t pay as much. Subsequently, our economy went south.

    How does that factor into your last statement? Do you feel that more tax reductions will help? Maybe we can get that 47% rate up to 60%.

    How does helping someone who has been swamped by this recession damage our prospects for a better future?

  54. frankiethomas says:

    It’s not that he doesn’t need to worry about those people – I get that he was talking about getting their votes. It’s that he believes 47% of America is sitting on their ass believing they are victims and have their food, shelter and health care handed to them. And that is inaccurate. At the same time he believe middle income is 200-250K. He is clueless about how the other half lives.

  55. MoD – speaking of the Middle East and the hidden camera video of Romney:

    On Israel-Palestine, Romney said he was convinced of two things (1) the Palestinians don’t want peace, only the destruction of Israel, and (2) the conflict is unsolvable, and so he would make no effort as president to solve it.

    Meanwhile AIPAC and Netanyahu, perhaps seeing the possibility of a Romney presidency evaporate, have made special efforts lately to commend Obama’s support of Israel.

    And then there is Romney’s fantasy of Hezbollah sending a dirty bomb to Chicago. Gotta wonder if the choice of Chicago was a bit of a Freudian slip since Chicago is cited by Republicans as the hated source of Obama….

  56. If higher tax rates help the ecnomy why didn’t the dems raise taxes in 2009? More people have money to spend with a lower tax rate, and you have a problem with that? Who is a better steward of your dollar, the people or the govt?

    The answer is a flatter, simplier tax code. I do not think EFFECTIVE rates should go down any lower.

    How does ‘helping someone’ damage our future? When we are $16 tril in debt is that a serious question? How did we succeed in the past? By investing in the public good, not individual handouts. By winning wars and having the only industrial base. Through individual achievement.

    There is no “us” . I pay a lot of taxes. You don’t, and prove Romney correct.

  57. I pay a lot of taxes. You don’t

    How would you possibly know about how much tax I, or anyone else on this board, pays?

  58. LeePHilI says:

    “CT8 says:
    Sep. 20, 2012 at 7:20 am I pay a lot of taxes.”

    Just post the website where your returns are

    Usually “tax claims” are right up there with “phallic size” and “war experience” on the list of baseless statements

  59. BB- that was in response to MB’s “47% of us don’t pay…”

    Larry, I make a decent income, rent, and have no kids. I pay my “fair share”. What is not baseless is the fact you never served. Drives you crazy. Should have been a better man.

  60. LeePHilI says:

    “Sponge”? You and your ilk love a progressive tax code. They have a lower median income, so they pay less.

    The “progressive” tax code, as you love to call it, allows for people like Romney to pay 13% (at least once) and people like me to pay more.

    At least know the rules to the game before claiming to be a champion at it.

    Now…my use of the word “sponge” was in reference to those who claim to be for personal responsibility, but dump their medical bills on others for the lack of willingness to pay for insurance.

    Try to stick to the subject every once in awhile.

  61. MyBandito says:

    CT8- Romney was not correct and neither are you.


    Bush lowered taxes and the economy suffered. How does that cause and effect fit your theory?

  62. LeePHilI says:

    “I make a decent income, rent, and have no kids.”

    Yeah…and I have a Rolls Royce….or is it a Rolls Kenardly?

    As soon as we see your tax returns….

  63. that is not cause and effect. Try again.

  64. LeePHilI says:

    “What is not baseless is the fact you never served.”

    Someone also needs to clue you in that military service isn’t the only way to serve your country. Only ignorant people with overstuffed egos and pretend war stories think otherwise.

    Tell us about your vast service to community….

  65. LeePHilI says:

    “CT8 says:
    Sep. 20, 2012 at 8:48 am that is not cause and effect. Try again.”

    Try a cohesive sentence

  66. I have to keep it real simple and quick for you to understand.

    My service to the community is paying taxes and defending freedom. There is no comparison.

  67. I have to keep it real simple and quick for you to understand.

    My service to the community is paying taxes and defending freedom. There is no equal

  68. That was a nice deflection, on this thread and the one above, away from the issues. Does this guy deserve your vote?


  69. Sonofwashington says:

    We may technically still be the wealthiest nation, but the wealth is more highly skewed to the wealthiest, elitist few than it has ever been in US history.

    Medical care (except for very expensive emergency room care) is only available to those who can afford high-priced premiums and is twice the cost in other, comparable nations. We are sucking resources out of our schools through voucher systems that allow the rich to send their children to private schools on the taxpayer’s dollar while public schools must deal with the greatest challenges with ever fewer resources.

    Compared to any European nation, America is a disgrace in terms of providing universal health care, education, and even jobs. But, by jove, we can make zillionaires by the dozen through insane fiscal and tax policies that allow them to exploit workers, defile the environment, garner tax subsidies, and dodge any kind of a fair share of taxes through numerous loopholes of a kind that Mitt Romney has mastered.

    As we sacrifice our tax revenues to this super-elite, our infrastructure is rotting from within and eroding our capacity to compete in a world market.

  70. MyBandito says:

    The fact of the matter is that the Bush tax cuts didn’t help, they hurt our economy. We may not recover for quite a while, especially if the Bush tax cuts continue.

    “Romney lumped three groups together in his remarks: likely Obama voters, people who get federal benefits and people who don’t pay federal income taxes.”

    Obama voters:

    —Most are employed: Sixty-two percent of the Obama voters work, including the 10 percent working only part time. A fourth are retired. Five percent say they’re temporarily unemployed.

    —Most earn higher-than-average wages. Fifty-six percent have household incomes above the U.S. median of $50,000. Just 16 percent have incomes below $30,000, and about the same share (20 percent) have incomes of $100,000 or more.

    —They’re all ages but skew younger than Romney’s voters: Twenty percent are senior citizens and 12 percent are under age 30.

    —They’re more educated than the overall population: Forty-three percent boast four-year college degrees or above; 21 percent topped out with a high school diploma.


    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/mitt-romney-47-percent-a-breakdown-article-1.1163547#ixzz271zHAOkG

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/mitt-romney-47-percent-a-breakdown-article-1.1163547#ixzz271yTGLV3

    BTW, Your perception of my economic position doesn’t matter.

  71. LeePHilI says:

    Interesting how someone in the reserves finds so much time to blog on the taxpayer’s dime….Luckily we have the khaki supply line to provide jobs for those who can’t cope with private industry.

  72. Sow, what is the solution to what you see as a problem? We know socialism and communism does not work.

    MB, so you are the party of the rich? What was the point of those stats when they do not compare them to anything?

  73. Sonofwashington says:

    CT8 – Thanks for the link to the Washington Examiner. Just curious – how would you rank it for objective journalism?

    Just glancing at its editorial titles and its list of columnists and syndicated columnists, I would rate it about as “fair and balanced” as FOX news.

  74. LeePHilI says:

    Son…..Let me give you a quarter for the time you wasted looking at the Washington Examiner….Next, you can try “American Thinker”. LOL

  75. Dispute their findings.

    Hill, unfortunately many media outlets will not cover anything negative about BHO. Read the article before you judge/vote.

  76. LeePHilI says:

    “Hill, unfortunately many media outlets will not cover anything negative about BHO”

    You know, I love this kind of excuse. If you ask for proof to such a ridiculous claim, the answer will be – “see??? They don’t cover anything, thus you don’t know about it”.

    That is supposed to give value to lies and silly assertions that have not one shred of evidence.

    Credible media will not cover garbage. The list of garbage floated by the CONS about Obama is endless. If you hit the end, they’d make up one more lie.

    Here…let me take a try….

    The media refuses to cover the story about Mitt Romney’s romantic interlude with a goat.

    Now, does that make the “story” true?

    Dispute my findings.

  77. LeePHilI says:

    Instead of having fun with goat stories, let’s go for the real thing.

    Mitt Romney, the businessman that is going to “create jobs” for Americans, can’t seem to keep these jobs from being outsourced. Now, mind you, this isn’t salacious as “Obama grew up privileged” or “Rock Star Professor”, but in the reference to where the country needs to be, where it’s going and what Mitt claims he’ll do…it seems he falls quite short in an area where he should have lots of say. Probably doesn’t want to annoy his Chinese benefactors:

    History repeats itself in Freeport Illinois where another Bain Capital acquisition, where workers are faces the chopping block of their jobs going to China.

    This outsourcing by Bain Capital is in real time, not years ago and Mitt Romney still draws big profits from his ownership stocks in Bain Capital, therefore he is profiting from the dismantling of the Sensata plant. Sensata manufacturers and develops sensors and sensory controls for Ford and General Motors but not in the United States anymore.

    The headquarters of Senata in Massachusetts decided to close the plant this December, and outsourced the 170 jobs to China.

    The kicker is, Sensata employees are made to train Chinese workers who are their very replacements!!

    The company’s Sensata employees have no where to go, families will be devastated, savings plans discontinued, kids college funds depleted and Bain Capital has the ability to turn this all around. However Bain Capital has chosen to gut a profitable company, dismantle the plant, sell it off piece by piece and ship the jobs to China once again.

    Read more: http://www.politicolnews.com/bain-capital-closes-sensatas-170-us-jobs-outsourced-to-china/#ixzz272Sn3o7K

  78. Sonofwashington says:

    I’m waiting to see if the Washington Examiner reports on the latest Massachussetts poll where Obama outpolls Romney 64% to 33%, the very state that Romney served (one term) as governor. That would be a good indicator of the Examiner’s journalist credibility.

    BTW CT8, if you ever run short of anti-Obama material, check out exposeobama.com. It borders on over-the-top whacked-out, but they’ve got great stuff. One of their latest pieces is that Obama is a homosexual and conspired to have a clergyman killed in order to keep the secret. Could be a treasure trove of future links for you there.

  79. Best knee-slapper of the week = [republicons] care for the Constitution.

    When W. was in it was an ‘incontinent document’ except for the part where The President was all-powerful.

    Ten worst states to retire in: Louisiana, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky.

    We also know that laissez-faire capitalism does not work except for those at the very top/

    Tommy – lazy means not working is available. What we have is a lack of jobs because the Republicons gave tax breaks to companies to send American Jobs overseas

  80. MarksonofDarwin says:


    I watched the vids. and they were pretty interesting.

    As to your two points:
    1) yes, he believes the Palestinians aren’t interested in peace.
    2) He doesn’t say he won’t do anything about it….he specifically says that he doesn’t want to go to war over it. Quite different, and the best strategy for the US.

    I agree with Frankie, (and probably you as well) that even though he’s talking about the 47% voting for him, it was a slap in the face and insulting to say they are lazy.

  81. Larry, too funny to watch you dance and spin after you supported Harry Reid’s fishing expedition calling for tax returns.

    Your 1206 post could be pulled right of that thread on comments pointed at you.

    You avoided the substance of the article then deflected. Weak. Typical.

  82. “inconvenient document”

  83. LeePHilI says:

    “Harry Reid’s fishing expedition calling for tax returns.”

    Gee, you’d think that Romney would want to show those documents to shut old Harry up, huh? I mean…if it’s just a “fishing expedition”…

    Don’t worry, Consorted, I won’t accuse you of understanding a satirical analogy.

  84. Weak. Admit you are a hypocrit and move on.

  85. ““Harry Reid’s fishing expedition calling for tax returns.”

    But yet you supported the GOP’s fishing expedition for AG Holder. Can you spell hypocrite?

  86. Dead agents. Not fishing. Disgusting that someone is so politically blinded that they would ignore such an outcome to such a failed operation and want no one to be held responsible.

  87. “Not fishing.”

    ROFLMAO – oh, that’s a good one! Thanks for yet another great laugh!

    “Disgusting that someone is so politically blinded that they would ignore such an outcome to such a failed operation and want no one to be held responsible.”

    Several people have been held responsible. Guess your political blinders prevented you from seeing that.

  88. In the secretly recorded tape, Romney said that if he were “born of Mexican parents, I’d have a better shot at winning this.”

    Ah gee…it does my heart proud to see to see a white US citizen, son of the CEO of AMC overcome the hardships of his heritage….

  89. Melodrama anyone? Distortion? I’m with you klt. As for this last bit bBoy, you don’t think there’s truth in Romney’s remark?

  90. LeePHill wrote: This outsourcing by Bain Capital is in real time, not years ago and Mitt Romney still draws big profits from his ownership stocks in Bain Capital, therefore he is profiting from the dismantling of the Sensata plant. Sensata manufacturers and develops sensors and sensory controls for Ford and General Motors but not in the United States anymore.

    For those of you that would like to examine the history of the Sensata operation check the link below. Governor Romney is strangely missing in all the pages of the link. Sorry but I was unable to track down the many pension investors but I think it might be safe to assume that they included union participation and perhaps even a Democrat or two. Bain acquired this company in 2006 but in LeeP’s eyes, Romney is still running the place. Wake up people and start checking the gobs of misinformation that is routinely spread on this forum.


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