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ELECTION: Hopeful sign from a young nonvoter

Letter by Ann Apple, Lakewood on Sep. 19, 2012 at 1:21 pm with 36 Comments »
September 19, 2012 2:08 pm

As I drive through my neighborhood, I observe the various campaign signs. What I have noticed while driving a particular street is that one day you see a sign supporting a candidate, and then the next day you don’t. The sign is gone.

It never occurred to me that someone with opposing views would steal these signs. It became clear when I noticed one of my neighbors carrying a newly removed campaign sign heading towards her home that yes, fair play is not being practiced by some.

To balance the scale a bit, a young man yesterday said to me, ” I am so mad that I am a few months short of being able to vote. I know that this is the most important election that we will ever have.”

This remark from a young person has given me hope. My hope is that the honest folks outnumber the less righteous.

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  1. I see less signs posted for all races this presidential election year than I can recall. Maybe they will become a thing of the past….I’d like that as they are a giant eyesore. What purpose do they really serve? Informed voters don’t need to be reminded and uninformed voters probably pay no attention as they have no idea who the candidates are by these signs.

  2. Frankenchrist says:

    I collect Romney/Ryan yard signs. I figure they will become valuable historical artifacts once Romney is remembered as the biggest presidential loser in history. Sort of like the Ford Edsel is now a collector’s item.

  3. MyBandito says:

    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
    Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
    Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

  4. truthbusterguy says:

    Obviously the youngvoter wants to vote out of fear and desperation. He sees that obama is going to stab him in the back and saddle him with debt. The youngvoter wants to vote against obama before he destroys every chance he has in life.

  5. cargilekm says:

    sorry thruthy, the young future voter probably sees this as a chance to help the country move forward with the President Obama re-election.

  6. Car- that young voter is embarrassed that his parents bought into “hope and change” four years ago then watched their incomes fall. They know better. Typical liberal thinking everyone else is ‘stupid’.

  7. CT8, I don’t think everyone is stupid, but you have yet to convince me of any intelligence. You have convinced me of anger, hatred and bigotry, though.

  8. Angry? Yup. Hate? Hate for anti-American progressives, ok. maybe hate is too strong a word, but I’ll take it.

    Bigot? Nope. That is the last refuge for a leftist when their limited ability to reason ends. When they are out of Axelrod or Maddow provided quips, they scream racism or bigotry. Sad. I would hope the left was better than his, they are still Americans even if they want to make this something other than America.

  9. HistoryFan says:

    Ann, welcome to the world of intolerance. You will, if you have not already, see one side says they are for tolerance but practices intolerance. Gee, which political party am I talking about??

  10. What about progress is Anti-American? If it weren’t for “progressives” we would still have slavery, women would not be able to vote, and this country wouldn’t exist. There wouldn’t be the technology you use to post your hatred in this blog. You wouldn’t be able to listen to Rush or Glen Beck. There wouldn’t be the ability to defend this country in the matter that we do.

    I resent you calling anyone that doesn’t agree with you anti-American. Being an American is more than flying a flag or spewing hatred and anger.

    World English Dictionary
    bigot (ˈbɪɡət)

    — n
    a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race

    Sounds like that description fits you.

  11. itwasntmethistime says:

    There’s a big surprise — a young person who is sure he is smarter than anyone else. Every 4 years a new crop of 18-21 yr olds thinks they are the very first people to ever care about what happens to America.

  12. LeePHilI says:

    dgraves….don’t try to teach Confused8 any history. It repells when facts are presented.

    “truthbusterguy says:
    Sep. 19, 2012 at 4:39 pm Obviously the youngvoter wants to vote out of fear and desperation”

    No…I don’t think the cons are pulling their “vote for the other guys and we’ll be attacked again” this time.

  13. CT8, you don’t even know me, how can you say I have no pride or honor. In your ignorance you have just insulted a veteran. Feel better now? I served so that people like you could still have their freedoms. I disagree with just about everything you say, but I defend your right to say it. If that makes me a bigot, or anti-American what does it make you?

  14. If we were talking about military related matters your service might have relevance.

    If I was not a veteran I might hold your service as a credential. But I am, and your political leanings go against the notion of service. Of pride.

  15. No point in talking to you anymore. You have nothing but hatred to share.

  16. MyBandito says:

    dgraves- Welcome to the world of the News Tribune comments, where seething hatred, ignorance and intolerance rules.

  17. rooster_02 says:

    Well said MyBadito

  18. rooster_02 says:

    Sorry about the misspell MyBandito

  19. Since CT brought up his Vet status:

    Republican Senators block egislation that would have established a $1bn jobs programme to put unemployed veterans back to work as firefighters and police officers and in public work projects – even though 8 of the 12 Amendments were written by Republicans.

    This was after Rand Paul – in some delusional symbolism – filibustered the bill for a week to protest a Pakistani citizen being held as a political prisoner by the Pakistan government (Really Rand? How is holding up a Veterans Jobs bill going to put pressure on Pakistan?)

  20. And then there is this:

    Mitt Romney’s Palin-esque ignorance of Middle East politics


  21. BB, I did not bring it up, graves did.

    My response to this stunt by dems is on another thread.

  22. itwasntmethistime says:

    I do have to agree with CT8 on one point. As a middle-of-the-roader, I’ve learned quite a bit about today’s issues by reading and considering most (there are a few I ignore) of your opinions. The thing I will agree with is that when the righters have a point to make they try to persuade others to consider it. Whether their argument is spot-on or way out there, they try to back it up with reason and discuss it. When the lefties argue they go off Jerry Springer-style. They don’t even try to consider where the other side is coming from. Except Alindasue. She’s a model citizen leftie who keeps her wits about her and offers arguments that people on both sides (and in the middle) find worth considering.

  23. averageJose says:

    LOL… Barry doesn’t even know how far in debt we are and doesn’t think it matters… Kooky.

  24. Wouldn’t it be nice if political campaigns would set a better example and be more about the positive than the negative, about building up instead of tearing down, about ideas not demonization? Let’s hear (from the candidates) about their plan to to improve our situation, not what’s wrong with the other guy.

  25. itwasntmethistime,
    My impression is somewhat different.
    There are shouters on both sides, but the ones on the right substantially exceed the ones on the left by number and inanity.
    The more reasonable righties try to argue, usually with talking points from the narrow right information echochamber, and when their arguments are shot down, they ignore it and keep using them. For most of them, the merit of the argument does not matter, it is the authority and effect with which it is delivered.
    (My favorite was one commenter saying that we, the liberals, do not support with evidence, but only post links that nobody follows. If anyone does not catch the absurdity, they are beyond reach.)

    There are many knowledgeable and intelligent commenters on the left. However even they, after hitting the above mentioned wall a few times, resort to mockery and name-calling. I think this is what you are noticing.

  26. frankenchrist, like me collects yard signs. The only difference is that he sees value in Romney/ Ryan signs. The one I collect (or will soon start collecting) are signs that has any democrat’s name on it. I, unlike Frankenchrist have a better use for the signs I’ll collect since there’s no value in keeping trash around, I’ll just use mine to start camp fires with.

  27. Frosty – and when do you plan to start you collection – before or after the election?

    I’m betting before because that is in keeping with the un-American antics of your basic GOPher thugs.

  28. (Australian treasurer, Wayne) Swan, one of few world leaders able to boast his country had avoided recession during the global financial crisis, also labelled the Tea Party wing of the Republicans as “extreme”.

    “Let’s be blunt and acknowledge the biggest threat to the world’s biggest economy are the cranks and crazies that have taken over the Republican party,” Swan said in a speech to a conference in Sydney.
    “Despite President Obama’s goodwill and strong efforts, the national interest was held hostage by the rise of the extreme Tea Party wing of the Republican party,” he said.

    Australian politicians rarely launch such blunt criticism of their counterparts in the US, a key strategic ally.

    Swan, named by banking magazine Euromoney as its finance minister of the year in 2011 and treasurer of a centre-left government, also called on the US Congress to resolve an agreement on the budget to support growth in the short term.


  29. rooster_02 says:

    Frosty…when you start fires with the plastic signs you stole be sure to breathe deeply and enjoy the toxic fumes that seem to find a way out of your mouth.

  30. itwasntmethistime says:

    bB — Seems to me the European economy is in the crapper so why hold anything from a European banking magazine in high regard?

  31. Some liberal, watching his country get rich off of minerals, pushing the party line. Wow!

  32. itwasntmethistime,
    Given that the Universe will die a cold death billion years from now, why even bother writing a comment?

    I believe you did not think this through, on multiple levels.

    You are not informed on the reasons why European economy is in the crapper, even if this is correct.
    The status of their economy has no correlation to the quality of a (random) banking magazine.

    The quality of “Anything” in the magazine is not necessarily related the overall quality of the magazine.

    You are taking shortcuts in estimating the merit of an article by the authority of the source, in turn based loosely on a generalization on geographical proximity. I sympathise, but reccomend more interest in the actual arguments.

  33. “Seems to me the European economy is in the crapper so why hold anything from a European banking magazine in high regard?”

    1. It wasn’t the magazine who said it, it was the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.
    2. Last time I checked, Australia wasn’t in Europe.

  34. itwasntme – the first sentence of my quote provides your answer:

    one of few world leaders able to boast his country had avoided recession during the global financial crisis

  35. Last time I checked, Australia wasn’t in Europe.

    You mean it wasn’t part of the Australia-Hungarian empire??!!!!

    Holy Koala Bear, Batman!

  36. rooster-02, since I am environmentality aware, I’ll just burn the paper/cardboard ones. The others I’ll throw in the recycle bin. As for “toxic fumes”, I’ll say it again, I am not a liberal, therefore the only words I speak are the truth and I don’t care if you like it or not.

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