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ELECTION: Better to donate than to be taxed

Letter by Cathy Phillips, Gig Harbor on Sep. 19, 2012 at 1:04 pm with 12 Comments »
September 19, 2012 2:11 pm

Re: “Romney can’t lead by example” (letter, 9-19).

The writer should compare Mitt Romney’s charitable donations with the lack of donations made by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

Most people would rather have the freedom to research and directly choose where they’d like to donate rather than be forced to have their hard-earned money taken by taxes, administrated by the government and redistributed Some of it might actually trickle to some people who really need it.

Our government can’t continue printing, spending money and ever raising the debt ceiling without severe consequences. It can’t continue to overtax and overregulate small businesses to pay for ever increasing government programs.

The United States pays the highest corporate taxes in the world. Adding bureaucracy always adds more cost; health care and education are prime examples.

Obama’s plan to increase taxes on the “wealthy” will also tax small s-corp businesses that earn more than $250,000 despite the employee salaries that are dependent on that income. This will hurt the middle class with even more layoffs.

We need a fair, across-the-board tax rate for all people. Obama’s “trickle up” plan is not working.

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  1. Frankenchrist says:

    The Romney campaign is in free-fall. The Etch-a-Sketch man will soon be crawling back to Bain Capital begging for the chance to fire more people.

  2. Frankly, I’d like to see itemized deductions be eliminated entirely. Why should and apartment dweller and a home owner earning the same dollars pay different taxes? I know all the arguments. Canada did away with home mortgager interest expense with no reduction in home ownership. And, consider the fact a married couple can avoid income taxes on gain of $500,000 ($250,000, single). As to charitable contributions and other itemized deductions for Romney and all, those deductions offset ordinary income. How you spend your money should be your own business after your obligations of citizenship are met. Make the standard deduction and exemption amounts high enough and bag the rest.

  3. LeePHilI says:

    Cathy….is your “s-corp” letter going to be a weekly thing until Mitt loses?

  4. sandblower says:

    I know a small business man who is going to easily vote for President Obama. He has no trust for what’s-his-name.
    Our corporate tax is the highest because we need to have the cleanest environment and the safest products in the world among other things. Cathy, you need to think about what you write BEFORE you send it in.

  5. Your “small business” associate must run a gas station with a mini-mart that accepts EBT cards.

  6. Fibonacci says:

    I can’t wait until the day after the election and listen to you right wing nuts crying.

  7. Frankenchrist says:

    Mitt Romney carries a stench…the stench of a pitiful loser.

  8. LeePHilI says:

    Since Mitt Romney’s tactic is sending jobs to China, I guess even an EBT card wouldn’t do American business people much good, would it? If Obama was really guilty of all the cons claim, at least he is keeping the money in America.

    This small business owner is voting for Obama. My primary client is a major realtor. I don’t take EBT cards. I do work for a living….unlike the cons who appear to avoid paying taxes by avoiding income.

  9. I am a small business owner who depends on a healthy middle class, and that is why I am voting for Obama.

    If your business is high-end luxury goods, I can see why Mitt would be attractive, but with a shrinking middle class, a lot of businesses are struggling because of right-wing economic theories that have devastated the working class and middle class.

    The working middle class that pays more in federal payroll taxes than Romney paid in IRS taxes should be outraged and concerened about his disdain for them.

    A large number of people Romney lumped into the 47% work hard and utilize Republican-sponsored exemptions and deductions for marriage, children, medical expenses,charitable donations and others so they pay no income taxes. They should be disgusted with him and not throw away their vote. If they don’t like Obama, vote Green Party or Libertarian, but Romney is just a slime-ball.

    Charitable donations that go to a church, like almost all of Romney’s did, do not do much to help create a safety net in this country. I’ve linked to studies before that show that less than 20% of those donations go outside the church, and less than 5%-10% go to help the poor or needy (and this figure includes almost all of the “foreign missions” whose purposes are usually evangelism and not charity).

  10. Every time the left enacts regulations that push up the cost of energy, labor, environmental compliance, complicate the tax code, vilify business, and screw with the economy they push jobs to China.

    Good job.

  11. Point of fact: the U.S. has some of the highest corporate tax rates, but one of the lowest collection rates in the world.

    Romney wants to cut taxes on the 3- 4 percent of Americans and 2% of small business that make more than $250,000 while raising tax for the other 96% of us.

    The GOP trickle up plan is working so well that since Reagan, those earning $250,000 or more have seen their income to up over 275% while those earning less have seen their incomes decline.

    CT – next you’re going to tell us it was Obama that gave tax breaks to corporations to move US jobs overseas, and Pelosi and Reed who have blocked the resending those tax breaks and prevented the passage of new tax breaks for corporations that bring jobs back to the US.

  12. Your “small business” associate must run a gas station with a mini-mart that accepts EBT cards.

    Classic classist rhetoric from the Class-warrior for the Upper-Class.

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