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ELECTION: McKenna put partisan beliefs first

Letter by Thomas W. Beer, Tacoma on Sep. 17, 2012 at 3:13 pm with 12 Comments »
September 17, 2012 3:29 pm

As we get closer to the general election, I hope voters are mindful of Rob McKenna’s recent opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

I have no problem with his personal opposition to affordable and available health care for all citizens, as that seems to be the prevalent, miserly Republican stance. However, I have a real problem with his joining in a lawsuit, in the name of the state of Washington, using public funds, to overturn an act which expands health care services to all.

This opposition was against the wishes of the governor, the majority of our legislators and most of the people of the state. As attorney general, McKenna used his position to further his partisan Republican views rather than truly represent the people. For this reason, I cannot support his bid for governor.

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  1. McKenna was about 8 points up on Inslee when he started airing some of the dumbest commercials in local history. Those that featured his kids and family members were just awful. The kids didn’t look goofy, McKenna did.

    He immediately sunk in the polls like a golf ball crossing a greenside pond.

    Thanks McKenna, by default now we will get Governor Inslee. Another figure of “genius” to match Patty Murray and Dave Reichert as examples of Washington State brain power.

    We deserve better.

  2. menopaws says:

    This letter is on point…….My daughter and I were discussing this about a month ago….We are both Democrats, but definitely have voted for Republicans in the past….Neither one of us EVER votes a straight party ticket……..Both of us liked McKenna and felt his positions were far more moderate and intelligent than most in his party………Both of us were planning to vote for him–then, came the Affordable Care lawsuit……..Our taxpayer $$$ were spent, in spite of our opposition on a partisan lawsuit……..He gambled and he lost—not only the legal battle, but the votes of many independents and ticket splitters like us…….Judgement calls DO matter and his judgement was both wrong and against the wishes of the MAJORITY party in the State………That is what has been done in our Federal House of Representatives—government rule by minority tyranny………Can’t accept that partisan approach to governing……Inslee gets our vote because McKenna LOST it…….

  3. LeePHilI says:

    Count me in as a FORMER vote for McKenna. The guy that ran for Attorney General in 2008 disappeared.

  4. charliebucket says:

    Thanks for the reminder that McKenna joined in that ill-advised, partisan, lawsuit.

    I also think McKenna needs to be reprimanded, and needs to reimburse the state/tax payers (as needed), for TV ads he made while attorney general. They were obviously to get his name out there in his run up to becoming a candidate for Governor……

  5. LPH – ‘the guy who ran for AG in 2008 disappeared’ – sort of like the guy who ran against Ted Kennedy back in ’94.

  6. bbsbxringrliars says:

    So calling these people out gets my post pulled so what! I now know where the papers editors sympathies lay…Okay, big deal…

  7. This state doesn’t need another Governor that goes against the it’s voter. Which we would have in McKenna Ref: when he joined in the law suit against Obamacare.

  8. bbsbxringrliars says:

    The Attorney General is independently elected by the voters, get over it….cry babies!

  9. blakeshouse says:

    Pick up any rock off the ground anywhere in this state and you would be holding a more intelligent prospect for Gov than inslee will ever be. Mckenna gets my vote specifically because he hopped on the lawsuit against the socialist law enacted by the Appeaser in Chief. We are not and never will be the socialist crap that Europe has become unless we fold to the likes of Obummer and Inslee and the rest of these comrades!!!!

  10. More than 60% of employers surveyed recently, by the Mercer Group, expect healthcare costs to rise significantly under 0bamacare. Who do you think will bear the burden of this across-the-board cost increase to all segments of the economy?

    It never ceases to amaze. The lengths to which liberals will go to tax themselves.

    And it’s funny how liberals forget that the suit in question was over Congress’ authority to use the Commerce Clause – which the Court threw out. The fact that Roberts threw a curve ball and ruled penalties a “tax” actually satisfied McKenna.

    Yeah, I blame McKenna for looking out for our interests.

  11. averageJose says:

    The AG doesn’t work for the Governor, Thomas.

  12. averageJose says:

    I bet Chicago Teacher’s Union President, Karen Lewis, thinks Inslee went to private school…

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